Easter Island in may

May Easter Island

Important travel information Would you like to go on this journey? In other words, you will not be escorted by an Intrepid group guide - our regional agent will take on this task - and the group' s group members' configurations may vary during the itinerary. The tour is conducted with at least one passenger so that you can be accompanied by other passengers who are on the same day as you are booking, or you can be on your own. Although we always strive to offer the best possible vacation experiences, things can sometimes go awry due to the type of journey and the areas we do.

If problems arise during your journey, it is essential that you immediately contact your group manager or our regional agent so that they can do their best to resolve the situation and avoid possible adverse effects on the remainder of your itinerary.

There may be periods when your group leader/local affiliate is unable to solve a problem to your full satisfaction - if this is the case, ask the supervisor to talk to his or her immediate supervisor. Or you can give us your specifics in your on-line feed-back, which you should fill in within 30 working nights of the end of your itinerary.

However, please note that it is very hard for us to offer hands-on help after the journey. If there is a real fire or emergencies, please call our regional soil officer on the following number (do not forget to indicate the +xx international prefix when you call from the country):

We end our tour with an excursion to Ana Te Pahu caves and the Ahu Tahai cemetery. This is the last of your journey. You will be brought to the airfield in good season to get on your plane after having your morning break. Our routes are sometimes revised throughout the year to reflect enhancements based on previous travellers' commentaries and our own research.

It is very important that you make a printout of a copy of your basic itinerary a few nights before your journey and check if there are any changes that could have an impact on your plan. Please do not hesitate to ask your local agency or our team. Sequence and times of activity at each site may also change from case to case.

OPTIMAL ACTIVITIES: There is a choice of options in the daily schedule. It is not a comprehensive and should only be used as a guideline. Rates are estimated and are for admission only and do not cover transportation to and from the locations or your own tour operator, unless otherwise stated. Activity is dependent on availablility and it may not be possible to complete all activity within the times available at each city.

In the case of high- or medium-risk work, we work with plant owners whose security and references we have reviewed and evaluated. We have not evaluated any unlisted activity, so our employees and managers are not able to help you book these for you. This allows us to make enhancements for prospective travelers.

BRIEF Paused Adventure: This is a group travel companion, i.e. you will not be escorted by an Intrepid group manager - our locals will take on this task - and the group' s travel companions' configurations may vary during the group. The tour is conducted with at least one passenger so that you can be escorted by other passengers who are on the same day as you are booking, or you can be on your own.

The tour is conducted by one of our Easter Island based travel agencies and can therefore be accompanied by a mix of Intrepid travelers and other travelers during the activity. Max. number of travelers is only an indication of the max. number of travelers during participation in the group. START/END TIME: On the first or last date of this tour, no activity is scheduled, so you can come and go at any moment.

For this journey there are ages limitations - min. 5 years. Usually most jurisdictions require your pass to be valid for at least 6 month. While the following country-specific information was accurate at the date of the letter, please check the appropriate Consulate website of the respective consulate in your particular jurisdiction or visited jurisdictions for details and up-to-date information tailored to your nationalities.

It can take several days to complete a travel document so that you can familiarize yourself with all the necessary information once you have made your booking in order to meet the turnaround times. You should also consider whether a permit of passage is necessary on the way to this journey or on the way home. This charge does not cover passengers who arrive at other airfields or cross border.

Make sure you have thoroughly studied the route when choosing your journey and evaluate your capacity to deal with our itineraries. Before you leave, check with your physician about current health information or necessary inoculations and malaria regulations. It is recommended that you bring first aids and all your own medicine (including replacement glasses), as these are not always readily available at the places on this journey.

The viral infection mainly affects expectant mothers, as the Brazilian government has associated the viral infection with an increased number of infants borne with micro-cephaly (smaller than the size of the regular skull). You can ask your tour guides or your locals to suggest a restaurant that you can try out during your itinerary. In order to give you the greatest possible freedom in choosing where and what you want to dine, not all of your mealtimes are usually covered by the travel itinerary.

Nonetheless, in this part of the globe vegetableism is not the rule, so the possibilities for dining in host families, small regional bars, roadside squats, market, etc. may be narrow. During the entire journey we ask our hotel to arrange the rooms in good condition for your stay, especially if you arrive before the regular check-in period.

When you have bought a room before or after the journey (if available), you may need to switch rooms from your travel home for these additional overnight stays. If it comes to traveling for your travel expenses, every traveler is a little different. They know their expenses better than we do, so please budge a reasonable amount for things like beverages, groceries, optional activity, tips and linen.

Also, make sure you have thoroughly reviewed your travel information so you know what is and is not covered by the travel itinerary. You can find this information in the "Inclusions" section of your basic travel information (this is this document). Suggested sums are in US dollars for the relatives of all-purpose travelers, but the need arises for the country you are in.

Recommended rates for this tour are between $25 and $50 per person per night. BREakFREE - If breakfasts are not covered, you can choose to purchase between $5 and $10 at a cafe. Dinner - If you are satisfied with a fast meal on the way, you can get away with just $5 to $10 for a meal in a restaurant or a coffee and coffee.

Evening meal - For supper your guide will usually suggest a restaurant where you can taste the regional specialities. When you are on a limited budgets, like to dine only locally and are not worried about indigestion, you can dine cheap.

Also, make sure that your account manager knows your itinerary, as they can reverse your card after the first few moneys. When you bring money, please keep in mind that $100 notes with the series numbers BP or BE and any other US dollar notes that are old, ripped, typed or cancelled are not acceptable to them.

Today, these departures fees are added to the costs of your air travel and will be charged on your flight ticket purchases. Except as otherwise stated below, no departures fees are payable during this journey. Tips are not obligatory on your journey, but they can make a big deal of difference for local people working in the tourist sector.

It is recommended that you carry small banknotes in your own country's currencies. Typically around USD5 - USD10 a days to provide tip coverage is good, but your guide might be raising the issue of a group tip kitten. Every traveler adds an equivalent amount to the swimming pools, and your guide can tip you during the trip.

Tip guide: Suggested tips are in US dollars for all-purpose travel. This is only a suggestion and it is just a suggestion. It is the result of our former travelers and our team. Round up your bill to the closest $1 for simple food and water.

  • On-Site Guides: You may have a specialized travel guidebook next to your travel agent during your itinerary. They can have a number of riders on your itinerary. - What's your name? Your guide: Alternatively, you may consider giving your travel agent a tip for excellent services throughout the journey. You are free to tip more or less, of course, according to your perceptions of the services you provide and the length of your journey.

Your requirements will depend on the travel styles you choose, the country you visit and when you travel. The majority of passengers pack their baggage in a rucksack, although a small to middle case with bicycles is also in order. Regarding baggage handling weights, please note that for domestic flights (either on this route or during your own flight time), carriers generally allow a baggage check-in limit of 20 kg.

The most important points for this journey are as follows: Remember that the hostel is very common during this journey. Our travel guide's goal is to take the trouble out of your trips and help you make the best of them. They' can give you information about the places you're going, make proposals for activities and sightseeing, suggest great restaurants and, if possible, present you to our ancestors.

They can be expected to give a wide general understanding of the places they will visit, covering historic, culturally, religiously and socially. A number of domestic authorities offer a regular advisory services on security matters related to travelling internationally. Before you leave, we suggest that you obtain the latest information from your local authorities and make sure that your cover applies to all areas of your route.

Our website provides useful information on how to get there and security related news about our journey. You will be accompanied by your guide during all of your trips, but during your stay you will have some free space to follow your own interests, to unwind and unwind or to discover in peace.

Whilst your manager will help you with the available choices at a specific place, please be aware that any elective actions you take are not part of your intrapid route, and intrapid makes no assurances about the security of the action or the standards of the operator performing it. In your free timeframe, please select an option of your choice.

Also, please be aware that your tour guide has the right to change or cancelling any part of the route if considered necessary for security reasons. You can find more information about the nature of the terms and security stan-dards you can await on your journey in Intrepid's Corporate Security Policies on our website.

Please note that your national legislation may differ from that in your home jurisdiction and not all transports we use may include the use of belt. Note that the applicable legislation for tourist establishments in this area is different from that in your home jurisdiction and not all accommodations we use have a fire outlet, fire extinguisher or fire detector.

Intrepid's travelling culture is a culture of mutual esteem for all those we meet, especially the locals who make our holiday destination so unique. If any member of the group is found with narcotics in their property or if they use prostitution, our group leaders have the right to exclude them.

Everybody has the right to feeling save and protected on his journey. Intrepid will not accept any kind of abuse (verbal or physical) or molestation at Intrepid, either between customers or with the involvement of our guides, community carriers or natives. It is not acceptable to have sex (consensual or otherwise) between a driver and a customer.

Should you ever have the feeling that another individual is acting improperly, please notify us immediately by calling the appropriate number given in these travel reports. This short holiday adventure allows the travelers accompanying you during the activity to come from all parts of the globe and probably also from different ages.

Please understand their different needs and tastes - sometimes you need to be patient with your fellows to promote everyone's travelling as well. When asked to be in one place at a certain point in the day, make sure you don't keep others on. We' ve found that the best quests we have are those where the traveler dynamic works well - that's just a little outlay.

For data protection purposes, we cannot give you any information about your travel companions before your trip. Contrary to a group experience, we cannot bring together individual travelers to have a double room. If you are travelling alone, you must always cover the cost of a room for this short break.

For all our travels a tour insurances is obligatory. You will be required to pay at least the cost of healthcare, which includes repatriating you in an emergencies. If you are on a journey, you may only join the group after your tour guide has provided proof of a tour policy and the 24-hour number of the group.

When you have your own cardholder account, your group manager will need information about the participant insurer/underwriter, the cover ratio, the cardholder's cardholder's insurance number and the emergencies number. He or she will not need the name of the institution and the cardholder's name. On the whole, this means that we try to minimize the adverse effects of the tourist industry on the culture and environment we are visiting and to emphasize the upside.

We have supported a number of initiatives, including our efforts to help develop and protect the area. A lot of our travelers also want to make a contribution. That' s why we created the Intrepid Foundation - to make it easy for travelers who want to give something back to the community in an efficient and useful way. Intrepid Foundation is a non-profit foundation that offers a range of outstanding grass-roots organizations to which you can donate.

Ask your director for information about the Intrepid Foundation supported or visit our website:

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