Easter Island Head Excavation

Osterinsel head excavation

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When you followed the puzzles of the earth, you will no doubt have come across the astonishing head sculptures on Easter Island. This giant carving shows proud minds sticking out of the floor. After not following them for a while, you may have lost the action over the last three years, as archaeologists have acknowledged that these sculptures are full-bodied and have been working on their excavation.

The Rapa Nui designed these sculptures between 1250 and 1500 to represent their revered forefathers. There are many near the pit that drilled the rock, but many others were moved across the island. In this new piece from Spiegel in the UK, the discoveries are highlighted that the body is really coated with difficult ink markings that need to be fully made out.

This shows that there is more - or especially with old secrets - than you can see at first glance.

Scholars discover shocking secret bodies of Easter Island heads

By 2012, the whole globe was appalled by the fact that the Easter Island minds had actually dug corpses under the ground. Some new pictures have appeared and show more detail of the so far concealed torsi. Scientists have shown that the monolithes have complicated inkpots. Those inkprints are representing the canoe of the polynese tribe that made them.

First photos of the hiding objects were taken in 2012. Two years later, Jo Anne Van Tilburg, head of the Easter Island Statue Project, began digging the people out.

The Easter Island minds have dead bodies!???? No.

The excavation of the corpses has been going on for many years, you can find out more at the Easter Island Statue Project. There' s a lot of debate about why the corpses are hidden. Has it been caused by a period of degradation, or were they deliberately inhumed? There are interesting woodcarvings (petroglyphs or stone markings) in the ground that surrounds the body for so long.

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That'?s it, folks! It is even more intriguing that some of the corpses on Easter Island have a "hitchhiking stamp" on their lower back. That' s quite intriguing, I wonder if the first floor was built or if they were grave.

For me it makes perfect sense that the boat that was cut into the stomach of one must have meant the "mother ship", why else would one place a boat on the stomach of an apparently feminine orgasm?

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