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It' one of the most isolated islands on Earth. We brought two boxes of food between the six of us for the duration of our stay. Main page / Easter Island / Easter Island: A Japanese meal for all those who want to experience more than just sushi. The Empanadas food stand anakena beach Easter Island.

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Some advice on which food/beverages to take to the island (heard that it can be quite costly there)? You won't find it so costly if you are in the States or across continental countries! But on the other side you could try to get everything you can because you will save some cash, BUT don't ignore to ask LAN if there are any restrictions to bringing them on.

Hello, don't be alarmed, it's not that much money, and maybe you can't take anything with you to the island now, THAT would be costly to have to buy things twice and pay a fine...... We didn't find it so much money but found the shop very easy, so if there is a certain kind of treat you like or some kind of coffee/tea, then you take it, if not, you'll be able to take what's offered there.

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Taking food from Lima to Easter Island

As the Isla de Pascua is 2600 km away from the next populated area, the menace is taken quite seriously. The packed goods were not issues as they were used. Municipal hypermarkets offer the standard range of deep-freeze products. When you are a tough vendor, you may find it difficult to find vegetarian/vegan food, even in the supermarket.

One pound of iced spinaceous cheese cost about 5000 Psos (~US$10). Loaves of sandwiches and rolls cost about the same as the same. I only saw "health food" that had been used Quaker oat flakes.....

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