Easter Island Chile Map

Chile Easter Island Map

Easter Island satellite map. Easter Island cheap hotels map, Chile. Find all cheap hotels on Easter Island on an interactive map. The Vaianny Guest House is located on Easter Island, Chile. You can see us on a map.

GPS Cards for EI? - Forums of Easter Island

GPS Cards for EI? Are there any good sources for an EI map for my GPS-device? GPS Cards for EI? All you need is any base map that you can get for free on the island. There are only a few streets left and some areas are now so-called "recreation zones", i.e. you cannot reach these areas with your car anyway.

Easy-to-access handheld gauges for EI? So I got quite quickly and could still sail Easter Island without any problem. Is it not like ONE street....? Easy-to-access handheld gauges for EI? Major highways are the coast highway, the southern to northern highway (leading directly to Anakena), a few streets just off Hanga Roa, the one leading you to Rano Kau, another leading you to Vinapu and then some smaller ones.

The Hanga Roa itself is simple to navigation, just like the whole island, so that each base map is sufficient. GPS Cards for EI?

Easter Island map of low cost hotels in Chile. Road map.

Take advantage of our online map to find affordable Easter Island accommodation by region. Select whether you want to display your results as an Easter Island map or a satelite picture. If one of the properties does not appear in the right place, please note that the map may not accurately show the Easter Island hotels' whereabouts.

They can also look for available low-cost Easter Island properties, review rates, browse images and make reservations on-line with guaranteed low-cost. Featuring budget guesthouses and budget accommodation, everything you want to see and do is just a stone's throw away. A group of 15 or more people on Easter Island?

To find your accomodation in Easter Island by region, use the below-map. You can either pick an Easter Island hotele from the right side of the screen or your low priced Easter Island hotelier by navigating in and around the map and click on the map poin. View our Easter Island hostel map to get a great start on Easter Island accommodations.

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