Easter Island Booking

Booking Easter Island

Use the form above to find flight offers from Kaunas to Easter Island. You can book the Easter Island tour at the best price. Bookings of Lan flights on the website of Chile - Easter Island Message Board

I' m trying to get a ticket from the chilen website (don't talk spanish!) and thought I'd broken it, but right at the end I had to choose a chilen bench to buy. To the higher rate, that's out of the question for me. Most of the Lan sites provide lower fares on the regional website.

Please note: These lower rates are only available for Chilean nationals. While I know that many folks got the cheapest tickets on the LanPeru website for Peru, I don't know what the end results were. When you get the lower rate, all the better for you.

Chile does not have a two-tier tariff system like Argentina, but some tariffs are only available in Chile. Are there any agencies that can reserve the chilene-fee? I try to fly from Santiago to Punta Arenas (USD 300, now 500 in Chile and 750 in the USA).

On the next page you have the possibility to display the fare in GBP, then type in the number of the passenger and make sure that you choose "Pasaporte" and type in your number. Choose "Otras Tarjetas de Crédito" below and you should be able to use any Mastercard or Visa.

This may have been done to stop non-Chileans from booking through the Chile site, but I will continue to try! Gonna take a shot at getting turned down at the airfield if I get half the British award.

Must we reserve a tour in time? - Dorish-mountains forum

Must we reserve a tour in time? Me and my man are going to Easter Island for six days in early November. Do you suggest booking a tour in advanced or can we just sit back and relax until we get there? Thank you in anticipation for your responses. Must we reserve a tour in time?

There were no issues when booking a tour after our arrival. Must we reserve a tour in time? When it is occupied, I would reserve your important tour(s). Must we reserve a tour in time? It is therefore advisable to make an appointment in advance. l... By the way: November is one of the busyest month, so I suggest you organise all your trips in advanced.

Must we reserve trips in time? A few years ago I was there for 5 evenings at the end of November and did not make any bookings in advanced. Must we reserve trips in time? Must we reserve trips in time? I' ve got customers crossing South America and they want to go from Santiago to Easter Island... do anyone have any referrals on a possible trip from Santiago to Easter Island and returns or would you suggest that they go and then bus?

Must we reserve a tour in time? It is much more comfortable to fly from Santiago to EI (I am not even sure if such a cruise exists). As a rule, the guides are conceived to take care of the most important sights in 2 working nights, I think this is really the least and you will only have an overlook.

Must we reserve a tour in time?

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