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Truth Reveals - TV Soundight 22 February 2018From David KnoxFiled under: Programmierung, On Sunday SBS shows a unique documentation, Easter Island: Here you will find one of the most valuable jewels of mankind: the well-known "Moai" rockstatue. Between Easter Island and the Marquesas Islands, from Brussels to Los Angeles, three world-famous archeologists have been investigating this for more than twenty years, and what they have uncovered presents a whole new history.

Sunday, February 25th at 8.30 pm on SBS.

Aborigines from Australia: Rapa Nui from Easter.....

I will study two different groups of cultures in this essays, the Rapa Nui of Easter Island and the Tiwi Islands of the Northern Territory of Australia. I am focusing on the effects of colonization on these two different cultures. I' ll be explaining how these two different civilizations were colonized at different points in time and how this affected each of them.

I' ll describe the different ways that each island has experienced and how each group has dealt with the different situation in which they have found themselves. I' ll explain how these two tribes reacted to the colonisers, with a debate on the effects of colonization on the people of each of the island, the changes caused by these effects.

I' ll be explaining the part colonization has taken in the creation of the present situation of each group and what has changed the lives of both groups, and discussing both the societal and culture changes of both groups.

Easter Island's native populace, the Rapa Nui.

Easter Island's native populace, the Rapa Nui. Interesting facts Australia is the smallest of the continents, but the 6th biggest of all. Australia's biggest one, the Great Barrier reef, lies off the northeast Australian coastline. The flatest of continents, Australia has the oldest and least productive Soil.

Australia's geography is made up of desert, meadows, rain forests, forests and more! Great Barrier Red The Great Barrier Red lies off the northeast Australian coastline. It' the greatest system of corals in the whole wide open area. There are more than 900 isles and 2,900 separate islets. Can be seen from outer-space, the Great Barrier Ref is the greatest body created by live creatures in the universe.

Australian climates have many climatic areas throughout the whole of Australia. It includes an Ecuadorian, tropic, subtropical, grasslands, moderate and desertscapes. Australian tribes are Aboriginal peoples. Situated in the Southern Alps of New Zealand on the South Island. Interesting facts - New Zealand's South Island has high mountains and wonderful sandy shores.

  • By far New Zealand's biggest sea, Lakes Taupo, lies in the calendar (a cauldron-like characteristic of a falling volcano) of the Taupo volume, the United Kingdom being the island we now call New Zealand around 1280 AD.

Like its neighbour, Australia, New Zealand is a predominantly European state. New Zealand today is very varied. New Zealand's main town is Wellington, but the biggest is Auckland. Isle of Easter Physical Geography Easter Island is one of the most populated island in the whole wide area.

The Easter Island's area is 63.2 square kilometers of cultural life. This myth has to do with deities, important humans and important occurrences. is an important economic sector for the island. The Antarctic is a very cool area. There are not many Antarcticans.

Coldness influences their clothing for the local population.

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