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Flying LAN to Easter Island sometime. Actual weather and delay conditions for the (IPC) Mataveri International Airport in Easter Island, CL. The Mataveri International Airport (also known as Isla de Pascua Airport) is the only airport serving Easter Island in Chile. The Mataveri International Airport serves Easter Island, a Chilean area in the southeastern Pacific and a World Heritage Site. Dive into Easter Island on your arrival and enjoy this transfer to your hotel.

100 Mataveri International Airport - Easter Island, Chile

Mataveri International Airport and Santiago, Chile is the same as a journey from Washington D.C. to Las Vegas. Mataveri is the most secluded airport in the Himalayas and is 2,336 leagues above the Pacific Ocean from Chile. Oddly enough, it is also a well-traveled gate for tens of thousand of tourists who visit the odd Easter Island scenery and the marshlands.

Up until the 70s, when Boeing 707 planes were used to fly to the island, which made it possible for tourists, the only airfield was designed as a demolition site for US spacecraft, although it never had to be used.

Arrival at Easter Island Airport

FlightStats information and privacy policy.... - If you handed in your luggage during the check-in procedure, you must first (immediately after getting off the plane) go to the Easter Island (IPC) to collect your luggage.

Ask the Swiss Federal Foreign Office before you leave. - Once you are in the arrival area, please make sure that there is a taxi for you. - If you forget your baggage at the aircraft or your hold baggage is damaged or lost, please comply with the airport's directions.

Nationalparktickets at the airport - Easter Island-Forum

Hello, I will arrive at Mataveri Airport at 22:05 (LATAM Flight 845) and I have to buy the airport Nationalparktickets. Normally parking supervisors are present when the aircraft is in. By the way: The airport is shut down when there are no airfares..... Only open for a while (until people get off the aircraft and get their tickets).....

On the other side of the airport entrance (which you cannot get through if you are not flying), you cannot simply go back to the airport..... There are no house numbers on Easter Island (but it is impossible to miss, the signposts are huge). It is outside of Hanga Roa and therefore they cannot load up with their cardholders.

Do you want to pay by bank or debit car? Travelling with money to prevent trouble at the airport. Cardholders may not always be able to top up your cardhold. Came back recently and came by the night flight you think the parking ranger was there and I immediately purchased my tickets.

To your right, before you step into the airport and collect your luggage, there is a small vaulted area on the lefthand side and a forest ranger, then outside there was another forest ranger who gave information to the crowd in the line. I asked the rescuer what if I needed it for 6 working nights and he replied that I would buy another one or the rescuers at the places I wanted to go on the FIV.

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