Easter Island 2016

Isle of Easter 2016

Entle uses the "fiber-like" satellite backhaul connection to Easter Island. 17 February 20165:34 ET. Representation of the monthly mean sea level values on the OSTER ISLAND-E. October 2016 weather reports on Easter Island, Chile with ups and downs. The Chileans demand that the British Museum return a four-ton Easter Island statue.

Eastern Island 2016

1 ) Ahu Tongariki, the biggest shrine on the island with 15 sculptures. 2 ) The village of Avao Kiri inside Anakena, the holy residence of the supreme chieftain. 3 ) Dad Vaka Dad Moa, situated inside the Hanga Hoonu cove, where some concentration of rock paintings have astronomic name.

4 ) We will also discover all the important places on the island. mai and related stone pits, farm, house plots and conversions.

Run at the Remote Easter Island Marathon in June

Easter Island is definitely not a big one. Because of the small accommodation facilities on this small island, only 180 students are admitted per year. Fewer than 40 persons would take part in the Full Marchathon, making it one of the most prestigious events in the game. So how many folks can say they did the Easter Island Marc?

In June 2016 I resolved to run the Easter Island March, making me the 6th African country I ran a race on. Olimpo Producciones, the umbrella organization that organizes almost all of Chile's events, has made it easier to register for the English Easter Island Marc. Remember that this is probably the least expensive and you will have to make your own way to Easter Island.

From Santiago to Easter Island, in additon to the Chile flights, the return ticket costs about $700. You will also need to find your own accommodation and transport on the island. Accommodation can be from $80-400 per room. I found mine for $25 a day, which was a very good business.

Tours & Travels Marathon (based in Boston since 1979) is selling Easter Island Marathon packs for $3,699 per book. Marathon Tours organised about 60 of the 180 places for all racers for the 2016 event, and they quickly sell out. I suggest you act quickly, either through the Easter Island Marathon website or through The Marathon Tours & Travels.

10 km, half marathon or full marathon. It' a very easy itinerary - beginning in the main town of Hanga Roa and then along the main island street to Anakena Beach and back. Contrary to all the others I have done, there is no Race Expo for the Easter Island Marathon.

We had a pastas festival at the Hanga Roa Hotell - the biggest on the island. The 180 participants and their visitors can participate in this competition. There we collected our start numbers, technical jerseys and windbreakers. Our racing director gave us the course and the expectation for the run.

There' s no timeout to complete this race. As she crossed the finishing line, she wept her tears while others assembled for the award ceremonies. We had a big party for all the walkers and some weepy little-eyed. As you approach the finishing line, you must stop your waters and throw all used pots and waste (e.g. Gu or Jellybean bags) into the garbage can.

No waste is permitted on this island! By the end of the presentations, the participants had not received any information about the start line. Some of the walkers were puzzled and wondering where we should go. When he did not mentioned this somewhat crucial point, the race director replied: "Oh, of course.

We' re going to begin at the football pitch. "of the island. To our advantage, the racing director has, uh, "summarized" his 30-minute history in about two sets of German. Racing began on Sunday at 10:15 a.m. Every runner was welcome to this one-of-a-kind fair. At 10 am after the fair we went two blocs to the football pitch - the point of departure for the run.

At the start line next to the football pitch we positioned ourselves and the honking started exactly at 10:15 am. All runners had to stop their waters before putting the empty bowls in the wastepaper basket. Before I drove on to Anakena Beach across the island, where I could turn around at the 21km point.

Approximately 40 athletes ran the entire run, and there were so many occasions in the second half of the run where I was all alone. I returned to Hanga Roa and after 42 km I was more than willing to relax my toes. Simply like that - I have done a complete cross-country run on my 6th camp.

When we returned to our individual hotel and hostel to take a refreshing and relaxing bath, we went to the graduation party in the gymnasium of the village college next to the football pitch (again the only college next to the only football pitch)! Easter Island, of course, part of Chile, everything is in Spanish.

Did you do the Easter Island marathon? Or have you already raced that you are really proud of? Would you like to go diving on Easter Island? Before you go to Easter Island, what do you need to know? More about Chile and Easter Island: ....

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