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VS East Coast West Coast. Bulletin board South Island Having explored the North Isle for 6 whole day, we will drive to the North Isle. Once we have taken the boat, we have 3 working day and 3 night before we have to drive to Queenstown (2 days) and on to Milford Sound. When you go west, you select jungle, mountain and tranquil isolation.

In the east there are more lowlands, farmlands and dryer ones with the big cities andownships. I' m voting west because this is the kind of journey I like best, but maybe you don't and yet I am terribly prejudiced Iol!!!!!!!!!

East coast travels

While New Zealand is known for its mixture of wild and diverse scenery, it is the social outlines that are most prominent on the east coast. There is a wide range of New Zealand living here, from the earthly villages of the Eastern Cape to the wine-drenched roads of Havelock North. Never is the cultural heritage of M?ori as evident as on the east coast.

Undaunted guys will have no difficulty loosing the masses of tourists - along the Pacific coast of Hwy, on country side streets, on secluded shores or in the mystic wilderness of Te Urewera. There is also a lot of good wines here: the Hawke's Bay area is covered with vines. The winery tour can begin from your lodging and is tailored to all the estates you would like to visit from your own site.

At least 1 hours, the guided tour through the vineyard takes place in our luxury classic vehicles. Guided visits to the estate are all made to measure and you have an individual route. Hawke's Bay is one of New Zealand's most famous winelands. It is considered the oldest New Zealand winegrowing area and the second biggest.

More than 72 vineyards to explore and you're sure to find your new favorite drops! You will meet your rider in an Art Deco suit that will give you a captivating comment while you are stylishly ridden to your first vineyard. Select the estates you want to see or let us tailor a travel plan for you.

Please note: The costs of the tours are by the hours and include degustation charges. 3 hours wine trip with 3 vineyards. Collection and return of the accommodations is inclusive in the price.

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