Dole Pineapple Island

Gole Pineapple Island

He' built much of the Dole pineapple fortune in the valleys of Lanai. I think Dole had that magic touch. It was his intention to grow pineapple on the island and his efforts were remarkably successful. In the middle of the century Lanai was a plantation for Dole pineapples. Only a year later Cook was killed in Kealakekua Bay on Hawaii Island.

The end of an era: The Maui Land & Pineapple closes its pineapple business

Cambodia's Maui Country & Pineapple, Inc. on Tuesday reported that it will close all pineapple farms by the end of the year after a hundred years of cultivating the characteristic Hawaiian citrus. Kahului, Maui-based country, resort and ag holdings said their affiliate Maui Pineapple Co. would immediately stop replanting and stop the harvest and sale of new pineapple by the end of the year.

At the moment Maui Land & Pineapple is the biggest pineapple farmer in Hawaii. In 2008, the business reaped more than 92,000 tonnes of pineapple and sold the fruits under the Maui Gold trademark, mainly in retail and on the Internet. Pineapple cultivation on Maui will end in Oahu, the only Hawaiian island with a significant area under cultivation.

Dole Food Co, the world's biggest manufacturer of produce, currently cultivates pineapples on 2,700 hectares in the centre of Oahu. Today Maui Land & Pineapple also announces that it will be restructuring the business of the luxurious Kapalua Resort of West Maui, which is part of its Kapalua Land Co. group.

Kapalua Resort's plan includes a stronger position of the building as a world-class destination and more efficient management. A part of the reorganisation will involve working with external firms to administer some of the resorts currently operated by Kapalua Land Co., such as the Kapalua Adventures shuttles, the Kapalua Adventures outside activity and the Kapalua Villas Hotel/Condominium.

Maui Land & Pineapple President and CEO Warren Haruki said in a declaration that Maui Pineapple Co. has since 2002 shed $115 million in its agricultural businesses, while he has invested $20 million in a new packaging line. "When we realized that these casualties could no longer be sustained, we spend the last year looking for ways to maintain pineapple production in Maui.

"MPC ( "Maui Pineapple Co.")'s hurtful move to discontinue pineapple surgery after 97 years was unbelievably hard, but necessary. As a result of the closing of the pineapple plant of Maui Land & Pineapple, up to 285 workers become unemployed, almost half of the 624 workers in the group. Retirement also marked the end of an age for Maui Land & Pineapple, which began in 1912 as Maui Pineapple Co. on the island.

Launched on the islands in 1813, pineapple became one of Hawaii's biggest export cultures in the early 1900s, after Del Monte and Hawaiian Pineapple Co. made significant investment in Oahu-country. known as Dole Food Co.). In 1922, James Dole, chairman of Hawaiian Pineapple Co. bought the whole island of Lanai for pineapple cultivation and finally cultivated the world's biggest pineapple pad.

Pineapple output in the Hawaiian region fell in the 1980' as Dole and Del Monte moved much of their crops to other regions of the globe, mainly due to high labour and ground prices in the US. In 1992 Dole completed the entire Lanai pineapple plantations, while Del Monte imported its last harvest to the island of Hawaii this year.

And Hawaii is the only state in the USA where pineapples are cultivated.

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