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The Alekona concierge service makes it easy for you to plan your holiday in Kauai. Excursion Reports & Reviews Going to a Luau in Kauai means venturing into an exquisite culinary and cultural experience - a must! Fantastic conversation and marvelous history in dancing and drama. Traditional Luau dishes, but good and well made. Smith's Luau family was outstanding.

Of the beverages, over the meal up to the real show it was perfectly!

Beneath the pavillon there was good conversation and good meals. I think we used to love the liau. They were great and it was beautiful, like a piece that was telling a tale. We had low hopes for the meal because we heard over and over again that Lau Essen was not good, but we thought that the meal was quite good.

That was our highlights, the scenery, the beauty, the area, the Lau show itself was incredible. Cascades, cruiser on the riverbank, fern grotto, botanic garden, real Lauau with roast pork from the floor, supper and free beverages, great dance show, pick-up at the terminal's front doorstep with return transport to the tank.

We' ve made the Smith's Luz. Dinner was OK, but not forgettable. There was nothing unusual about the Lau menu. up to 700 persons in Lueau at several sideboards. Didn't eat as much as I thought. It was marvellous, you begin with a botanical railway, the scenery is just breathtaking and prepares for the celebrations.

Meals were very tasty, beverages everything you want, may Tai, wines and beers. They' shifted and you werent crowd quickly long awaiting nourishment. Leaders and pilots took their photos with the aircraft provided to them free of charge, the pilots were very skilled and made such a great presentation, just as there were only 4 persons who are customers and the pilots very one to one.

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