Disappointment Islands French Polynesia

Disenchantment French Polynesia Islands

Also known as Te Poto, Toho or Pukapoto, Tepoto is a coral island. Disappointing Islands are a small group of coral islands, including the island of Tepoto and the atoll of Napuka. Tuamotu Islands were populated by Polynesians, so the Tuamotuans share a common culture. Betschungsinseln (Disappointment Islands) (French Polynesia) map, weather and photos. Penrhyn is considered the largest island atoll of the islands and is also the northernmost and probably the most remote island.

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Tepoto, also known as Te Poto, Toho or Pukapoto, is a reef islet. It' the most north-western of the disappointing islands in the Tuamotu Islands. Although Tepoto is often called " Atollo ", it is not a characteristic Tuamotu Atollo, but a solitary islet without lagoons. Situated on the border of the Tuamotu Islands, the nearest country is Napuka, which is 16 kilometers (10 miles) South-East.

It is 2.6 kilometers long and 800 meters broad and covers an area of 4 sqkm. In French, this islet is sometimes known as Tepoto North to prevent confusions with the Tepoto Atoll (Tepoto Sud) 400 km south-west, on the Raeffsky Islands in the centre of Tuamotu.

There' s a 5m broad street that goes around the whole isle. In 1765, the first admitted member of Europe to Tepoto North was the discoverer John Byron. Napuka and Tepoto were called "islands of disappointment" because the locals were inimical. North Tepoto is part of the municipality of Napuka. Napuka municipality is made up of the atols of Napuka and Tepoto North.

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Chicken, Alaska, a. k. a. "Sarah Palin is an idiot" 221. It is a arid island of hard corals that are not very suitable for humans, although more than five hundred inhabitants have been living on three disappointing isles since 2002.

Magellan is often mentioned for its freshwater springs, but the first documented tour of Europe was not until 1765. This year John Byron referred to the island because of the enemy welcome he got from the local Polynesians there.

When will the French wipe out these isles with a nuke test?

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