Dilo Oil nz

Oil Dilo nz

The rare Dilo oil from Fiji is valued for its multifaceted regenerative effect and the promotion of healthier skin. The Dilo Oil (also known as Tamanu Oil) has natural anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and healing properties. Skin care with organic coconut oil & dilo oil. The summer would not start without one of the products from the Pure Fiji Dilo range. Rejuvenate your skin with the unique fatty acid in Dilo Oil.

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Charge your body with the pristine potency of cold-pressed dilo oil. An abundance of nutritive substances and uniquely valuable vital fats for the regeneration of your body's cell membranes and the smoothing of your skin's delicate hair. Open up the real potentials of your epidermis with..... That dilo oil is astonishing on my face, makes my face softer.

That dilo oil is astonishing on my face, makes my face so smooth. The entire care series is used for matured sebum. Dilo Oil is a wonderful nutrition for the night.

Kate Somerville - Dilo Oil Treatment

The rare Dilo oil from Fiji is appreciated for its multifaceted regenerative effect and the promotion of healthy skins. It is a moisturizing oil with a high content of vital oil that works in perfect balance with the skin's own fat layers, helping to improve the skin's moisturizing properties, improve the complexion's moisturizing and moisturizing properties, smooth the skin's tonicity and minimize the formation of fine line and wrinkleiness.

Apply to moist complexion for best results.

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