Destination great Barrier Island

Great Barrier Island Destination

It is the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts and families. Mt. Heale Hut, Great Barrier Island, Auckland. Northland & ; Bay of Islands.

Wandern Great Barrier Island, Northland & ; Bay of Islands.

Great Barrier Island, New Zealand

90 km NE from Auckland, about 3 hrs by boat and 30 minutes by airplane Great Barrier Island (Aotea) is a "world of its own". Journey back in history when the streets were not sealed and the riders confirmed each other. The last Kauri dam left was damaged by a wind in June 2014, causing major road and road damages at the north end of the island.

There are a wide range of trails to discover, from a brief stroll to a cascade or a few warm water sources to a longer stroll to the highest point of the island. See the regenerative forests of indigenous forests and savour the untouched nature with panorama overlooks. Brunette deer, mallard, North Island caca, ribboned railing, NZ yolk and Chevronskink are just some of the threatened wildlife that this area offers.

Lifestyles here are usually slow and things don't always go on schedule, but in'barrier time'. The name Aotea is Maori for the island.

Greater Barrier Island Activities Guides

The Great Barrier Island is a paradise for kayakers. The Kaitoke Kayak Hirae has its basis at the Kaitoke Bridge directly at the Rivers. You have a wide choice of canoes to rent privately if you would rather'go alone'. North of Kaitoke Beach and the other foothills of the Kaitoke wetland are both within walking distances and a safe choice for those who don't want to go out to sea.

09/4290 222 HOOCKED 09/4290 222 hoocked on barrier rents a variety of personal owned canoes around the island. You also have a large selection of angling, scuba gear and camp site gear for rent and sell. Look at their great shop in Claris while you wait for them to fill your tanks.

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