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He' been pronounced dead at Kona Hospital. PICTURES: Lava spitting to the surface on Hawaii Island. Dead Island Wiki | Banoi Island off the Papua New Guinea coastline, is a rugged and unspoiled paradise, practically unaffected by it all. Banoi is regarded as the gem in the chain of the Oceanic Archipelago, from the luxuriant rainforests over the mountains to the sands. Banoi Island is off the Papua New Guinea coastline, just off the equator and just off Australia.

It' the biggest of the Banoi archipelago islets. Up until recently, much of the island was savage and pristine and completely unaffected by the contemporary age. Banoi's luxuriant subtropical beauties offer many miracles of nature, from green rainforests and mountains to pristine sandy and unspoilt sands. However, the island itself is somewhat of the Kukuila area of Hawaii, since until recently it was relatively empty and almost uninhabited.

Hawaii: 2 deaths, 28 casualties in 6.9 magnitude earthquakes cause an outbreak in Kilauea Vulcano; inhabitants escape

Hawaii's Big Island was hit by 9 earthquakes on Friday, resulting in new volcanic outbursts, spitting volcanoes near neighborhoods and driving away literally a hundred humans. It was at 32:00 (2232 GMT) on the southern slope of the Kilauea volume, which first broke out on Thursday after a number of shocks on the island.

The earthquake struck two men and wounded 28. 7 magnitude tremor struck the island early on Friday and the agencies said they expected more seaworthiness. Earthquakes have erupted Kilauea Vulcano, one of five volcanoes on the island. Drones and videos showed purple coloured magic bubbling out of fissures in the soil and meandering through a forested area.

Melted volcanic ash could also be seen through fissures in the roads of the Leilani Estates and Lanipuna Gardens, where the inhabitants were ordered to be evacuated on Thursday. It is home to around 1,700 inhabitants and 770 different facilities. This potentially affected larger area is home to around 10,000 population.

There have been no reports of injury, but some houses were said to have been demolished or severely compromised on Friday, said agencies. Officers pressed all survivors to escape and issued warnings of very high concentrations of poisonous vapours. "Older persons, young persons and persons with airway problems must adhere to the prescribed emergency order and must vacate the area," it says in a declaration by the mayor's offices.

The Governor David Ige said that the inhabitants will be accommodated in parish centres until the threat of Kilauea, one of the most prolific volcanos in the word, is over. iges autographed an urgent declaration that releases catastrophe money for the Big Island. Fire Curtain' The eruption of cave ash followed several hundred small quakes in recent times following the crash of a collapsing volcano bottom on the Puu Oo crag.

Janice Wei, who lives in Big Island and relocated from California to Hawaii - known for her own high seismic risks - said the outbreak was almost a "relief". "We have waited for large movements from the craters after so many small earthquakes," she said to the AFP. "Hawaiian and locals have been living here forever," she said.

" Jeremiah Osuna, a local Jeremiah, used his UAV to record videotape of the stream of Lavastrom, which he described as the "fire curtain" that gave him "shock and awe". "It was like putting a pile of stones in a tumble drier and turning it on - a load of soil and fire and pressure as they were moving," Osuna said to the AFP.

The Governor Ige enabled the National Guard of the state and called on the inhabitants to observe the government's cautions. "The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory's Janet Babb said to the AFP that since Monday afternoons, researchers have been following an "intrusion of magma" into the fissure area, pending a possible outbreak.

Although the fissures from which the volcanic eruption emerged were slumbering, she stressed that "the overall problem and the overall incident is not yet over. "U "U.S. Senator Brian Schatz of Hawaii said that the Federal Emergency Management Agency mobilizes assets, as well as surveillance for wildfires, blackouts and drinking and drinking problems.

The Hawaii Island, or Big Island, is the biggest of the eight major archipelagos of the Pacific state, an island with several hundred smaller islets.

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