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Vaiyevo, Taveuni Island, Fiji. Waiyevo International Date Line, Taveuni, FIji Islands. Picnic house in Horseshoe Bay, Matangi Island Resort, Fiji. I' d like to go to Fiji and change my day with one step. At the Fiji dateline.


International Date Line (IDL) is an imagery of a line of delineation on the earth's expanse that goes from the North Pole to the South Pole and marks the transition from one calendarsay to the next..... This is a simple representation of the relationship between date line, date and hour.

These descriptions are basing on the most popular interpretation of the De facto International Date Line. However, in other places the IDL differs from this fusion to the west or eastward. The IDL's first divergence from 180° lies from Wrangel Island and the Chukchi Peninsula, the most eastern part of Russia, from northern to southern.

Wrangel Iceland is located directly on the merchidian at 71°32?N 180°0?E, also known as 71°32?N 180°0?W.)[1] It then goes through the Bering Strait between the Diomede Islands at a 1.5 km radius from each of the islands at 168°58 W.[2] It then turns significantly westwards of 180°, just to the east of St. Lawrence Iceland and St. Matthew Isl.

IDL intersects between the U.S. Aleu Islands (Attu Island is the westernmost) and the Commander Islands, which are part of Russia. All of Russia is located in the western part of IDL and all of the United States in the eastern part with the exception of the island regions of Guam, Northern Mariana Islands and Wake Island.

The two U.S. unowned atols, Howland Island and Baker Island, just off the Pacific Ocean coast (and vessels at sea between 172.5°W and 180°), have the latest on Earth (UTC-12 hours). Accordingly, Samoa, Tokelau, Wallis and Futuna, Fiji, Tonga, Tuvalu and the New Zealand Kermadec and Chatham Islands lie just westwards of the IDL and have the same date.

Samoa, the Cook Islands, Niue and Polynesia are located to the south of IDL and one full days behind. Someone circumnavigating the Earth from eastern to western (the same way as Magellan's journey) would reset his watch one hr per 15 degrees of intersection, and he would win 24 hrs for a round of the Earth from eastern to western if he did not move his watch one of the days forwards when he traversed the IDL.

Therefore, the IDL must be considered in connection with the earth's timezones: when crossed in both directions, the date of the month is changed by one full year. Three different calendars are monitored simultaneously at different locations on Earth for the two hour period between 10:00 and 11:59 AM and CET.

At 10:15 a. m. on Thursday, for example, it is 23:15 p. m. on Wednesday in American Samoa (UTC-11), Thursday in most parts of the globe, and 00:15 p. m. on Friday in Kiritimati (UTC+14). In the second lesson (UTC 11:00-11:59), one of the calendars is restricted to an unoccupied nautical timezone 12hrs behind it ("UTC-12").

The first areas to have a new date and year are according to the watch, UTC+14 isles. This includes parts of the Republic of Kiribati, among them Millennium Island on the liner shipping lanes, as well as Samoa in the south of this year. Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand (UTC+12; UTC+13 with DST ) are the first big towns to have a new one.

At the June SOLONTRY, the first area within the Kamchatka Time Zone (UTC+12) would be far enough northerly to see the mediumnight solar radiation on the given date. In the equinox, the first place to see natural light would be the Millennium Island in Kiribati, the most eastern country western of IDL.

Two types of timezones exist and this determines the site of the date line, one on the mainland and neighbouring territorial sea and the other on the open sea. Each nation shall uniquely define its default timezones, which shall apply only to rural and bordering waters. The dateline is de facto because it is not founded on public international rights but on domestic legislation.

Those domestic areas do not cover inland water. This is a legal structure, not the same as the IDL, established by an interna-tional covenant. This is the outcome of the Anglo-French 1917 conference on timekeeping at sea, which advised all vessels, both civil and mobilized.

The dateline is implicit, but not explicit on timezone charts. Vessels are to take over the default times of a nation if they are within 12 sea-mile (; 22 km) of shore within its jurisdiction and return to 15° broad pole-to-pole distances after leaving the state.

As a matter of fact, vessels use these timezones only for radiocommunications and similar missions. Vessels use a timezone of their choice for their own use, such as working and eating times. IDL on the chart on this page and all other charts is a de facto line and is an artifical construction of cartographer, since the exact course of the line in cosmopolitan water is optional.

IDL does not include Antarctica on the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)[6] or the United Kingdom Almanac Office (HMNAO) Universal Access Map. 8 ] Instead, MMNAO identifies groups of archipelagos with their timezones that mirror the latest IDL-shiftings. 7 ] This concept corresponds to the principles of domestic and marine timezones: the Kiribati Oriental Isles are actually "islands" with an Asiatic date (west side of IDL) in a US date ocean (east side of IDL).

There is no inter-national organisation and no agreement between countries that has defined the IDL pulled by the cartographers: the 1884 World Meridian Congress expressly rejected proposing or agreeing to timezones because they were outside their jurisdiction. It was decided that Universal Day, now known as Coordinated Universal Time ( "UTC"), which it agreed to, "should not disrupt the use of location or default times where desirable".

9 ] This results in the benefit and meaning of the so-called udc or ?Z (Zulu) time: it allows a unique universe temporal relation that is applicable to all points on the world at the same instant. Alaska is shown after 1867, while the Philippines are shown before 1845. Northwestern North America inhabited the Russian Empire from Siberia, from the western side with its own Julian calender ("Gregorian calendar" was not adopted until 1918).

While the United States was located in the neighbouring United States, the United States bought Russia from the Orient with its own Bregorian calender ( "Gregorian calendar", adopted by several UK settlements in 1752). The United States noted this date as Friday, October 18, 1867 (Gregorian), now known as Alaska Day, while the Soviet gubernatorial who had stayed in New Archangel would have noted it as Saturday, October 7, 1867 (Julian).

14 ] Since the property transition took place at 3:30 pm formally Sitka means sunrise ( "time zone " was not yet in use),[13] that was the date and hour when Alaska switched from an Asiatic and Julyan date to an US and Georgian date. Had the transmission taken place at 12 o'clock, Friday, October 6, 1867 (Julian) followed by Friday, October 18, 1867 (Gregorian), would have been a double date with a change of 12 days, both for the change from an Asiatic date to an U.S. date (corresponding to the shift of the IDoc from Eastern to Western Alaska) and for the change from the Julian calender to the Gregorian calender in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

IDL now runs between Samoa and American Samoa, which stays on the eastern (American) side of the line. The Republic of Kiribati was a settlement in the Gilbert Islands, just westwards of the former IDL. After gaining independent status in 1979, it purchased the Phoenix and Line Islands, just south of IDL, from the United States.

If the terrestrial timezone says it is Monday, these isles would make enclaves of Monday in an oceans having Sunday. In the aftermath of the 1995 transformation, the most eastern area of Kiribati, the Lineage Isles, which included the populated Kiritimati Isles (Christmas Island), began in 2000 ahead of every other nation, a characteristic that the Kiribati administration used as a possible tourism attraction.

For example, Christmas is commemorated on December 25 (either the Grigorian or the Juan calendars, whichever is used by the respective church), as this date coincides with lands on both sides of the date line. In Samoa, just south of the dateline, Christians will be celebrating the feast of the Christians in American Samoa, just south of the dateline.

Regardless of the date change, the same sun rise over American Samoa as over Samoa a few moments later, and the same sun set over Samoa as over American Samoa a few inches before. The majority of the Seventh-day Adventists in Samoa were planning to celebrate the Sabbath on Sunday after the date line was crossed in December 2011, but SDA groups in the Samatau community and elsewhere (about 300 members) agreed to adopt the IDL adaptation and watch the Sabbath on Saturday.

In order to be able to win the bet, Fogg must be back by 8:45 pm on Saturday 21 December 1872. But the trip has reached a string of latencies and as Fogg London, it is 20:50 on Friday, December 20, although he thinks it is Saturday, December 21 and that he has just dropped the bet by five mins.

However, the next morning it turns out that the next Saturday is Saturday and not Sunday, and Fogg gets to his clubs just in case to beat the game. Back then, the notion of a de law international date line did not yet existed. However, there was a de facto date line, as Britain, India and the USA had the same calendars with different hours and he should have realised on his arrival in the USA that the date was not the same as in his journal (his butler Jean Passepartout kept his watch in London despite the peaks of his surroundings).

There is a long tradition of ceremony on board vessels for the first cross of the equator by a yachtsman or passengers and for the International Date Line in the Navy and other naval service around the wordl. {\a6}_Well, please. ^Well, please. from the Pacific Islands. Date and

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