Date and Time in Guam

Guam date and time

All you need to know about the weather, climate, date and time, vaccinations and the best time to visit Guam. Part-time Food Service Worker Jobs in Guam. I' m leaving on Monday morning and arrive in Guam eight hours later. Enjoy Italian cuisine with a Mediterranean touch at the Prego in the Westin Resort Guam. National Weather Service Guam We are clear - just click on the graphic and see what the date is.


The token identified as month name are shown in the B-1 chart. The token identified as weekday name is shown in B-2. The token used for various modification functions is shown in Tab. B-3. It is not arranged in alphabetical order, but by time zones offsets of ETC.

The purpose of this is to make it easier to adapt adaptation of a company's products to recognised acronyms in cases where these may differ. Aussie time zones. If the runtime options from Australia_timezones are false, ACST, CST, EST, and SAT are considered Australia time zones as shown in Table B-5.

When it is wrong (which is the default), then ACST, CST and EST are taken as US time domain name, and SAT is taken as a buzz term that indicates Saturday. Please be aware that these are different both in concept and practice from the ones shown in Table B-4: Most of these designations implicate a DST rules, while the previous designations only indicate a static offsets to it.

There are often several equal name for the same area. It is mainly ordered by the name of the capital of the area. If EST5EDT were not already a recognised zonename, for example, it would be acceptable and functional equivalents at the East Coast of the USA.

If a DST name exists, it is considered to be used according to the same rule that is used in the zig time zones registry's postixrules-entries. Be careful that the POSIX-like time area function can result in fake entries being tacitly accepted, as there is no verification of the appropriateness of the area shortcuts.

SET AREA TO FOOBAR0, for example, will work, so the system uses a rather strange shortcut for it.

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