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The Dark Elves are a race of hard, warlike and malicious elves in Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy fictive universe. During the war a dark elf mercenary of breathtaking beauty lives an unspeakable and rampant life with a teenager named Ruse, whom she accidentally saved. While most Darkling Covens focus on a single powerful sorceress, these despots have sorcerer's apprentices and captains, their rule is absolute. A number of scholars think that the term "dark elves" in Old Norse was a kennel for "dwarves". The Starlight gives us a refreshing and very original twist to an urban fantasy based on dark elves.

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The Dark Elven in Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy fictive world are a breed of hard, belligerent and evillves. They' re gruesome, Sadist predators with much contempt for all other breeds, especially for their easier relatives, the highelfs. In the aftermath of a fierce civilian conflict, the dark elvies were expelled from their homes and set up in Naggaroth.

Contrary to'Dark Elves' in most contemporary phantasy movies (such as The Dragons & Dungeons Drow), Warhammer's Dark Fairies do not live under the ground, nor are dark-skinned; instead, many of them are light-skinned and have dark Ravens hairs, as they are directly from the High Fairies. Her Warhammer 40,000 analog is the Dark Eldar (added to the Eldar in 1998 by Games Workshop, although the Eldar-Dark Eldar background is far less detailed).

The elves were a united species that lived in the Ulthuan Islands millennia ago. First Phoenix King, the defenders' enarion, was the greatest soldier on the planet. When he thought she was gone, enarion, in a bloody fury, pulled the sword of Khaine from his grave and fought a new battle of revenge against the powers of chaos.

and she gave birth to his boy Malekith. Malekith became a mighty soldier, a skilled general and a skilled mage. Malekith was the lawful heir to the Ulthuan royalty. However, when the king of the Phoenix passed away, everyone assembled in the clearing of eternity to determine who would be the next Phoenix King.

He was the first to take over and bow his knees before the new King, silence a great cry from his nation and mum. He was exiled to the position of High General and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. While in the armed forces, he traveled around the world and began to experiment with dark magic under his mother's aegis.

Malekith became dissatisfied after a few years. He believes that the elves must be a belligerent race to face the ever-increasing threat from the powers of chaos. Even worser, the worship of joy, a self-established Morathi community of writers and performers, had become a front for a Slaanesh chaos worship (in recent times, these worship was one of the darkest facets of the elven pantheon), rooted in the elven community and was particularly powerful in his native Nagarythe.

He took control of the inquiry and used this force to remove his civilian foes by wrongly blaming them for being cultist and extrajudicial. Slaanesh' s admirer, Phoenix King Bel-Shanaar, and Bel-Shanaar was poisoned after that. Whoever was faithful to the council blamed the murder on Mr Malekith.

Faithful to Malekith, those said Bel-Shanaar killed himself because he could not make ends meet with his mistakes. Malekith and the Council of Princes became at loggerheads and Malekith and his supporters killed most of the princes in the name of Ulthuan's salvation (or just to annihilate any resistance to his rise; both sides say otherwise).

Now, the council was out of the way, there was only one thing to do to become Phoenix king. Malekekith had to go through the sacred fire of Asuryan, kingdom of the elven deities. He was stepping forward, hoping that he would survive the torture as his dad had done.

Male kith's supporters asserted treason - that the sacred fires of the Creator God Asuryan must have been corrupt to even refuse the legitimate successor, while his foes asserted that Asuryan would never embrace an elf with such a corrupt spirit as Malekith's as its King. The high elves did not persecute in bewilderment at the deaths of their kings and their counsel.

Malekith was taken to a temple near his mother's deathbed. He was sufficiently cured, but according to the high elves his brain was incurably devastated and Malekith had gone mad. While he knew of the need to guide his supporters into the fight against the high elves, he also knew that his faded corpse would not be able to withstand the severity of the fight.

He had melted the white-hot armor from the smithy directly into his hide, creating an enchanting shell that gave him tremendous miraculous power. As of that date he was known as the Witch King, for he had really become a form of fear. After being cured, it was eaten by a deep hate for those who had opposed him.

It called those fairies who were faithful to him to help him ascend the crown by power. Among them were a large part of the stagnant army, most of his home provinces Nagarythe and many other fairies throughout the empire who were believers in Malekith's cause. Meanwhile, the High Elephants began to organize themselves and chose a new Phoenix King, Caledor the First.

He had Caledor's army assembled and a violent civilian battle broke out between the high elves and the supporters of Malekith. Big wins were achieved on both sides, but in the end the scale tilted in favor of the high elves. Though their fortress in Nagarythe was almost impermeable, Malekith's supporters were gradually losing out in numbers, and Caledor proved to be as skilful a general as Malekith himself.

Eventually Malekith and Caledor stood directly at the top of their most powerful forces. Eventually Caledor succeeded in defeating the Witch King and drove his forces into the Maledor March. Desperately Malekith chose a last game: he collected his wizards and tried to untangle the Ulthuan front, which hindered the full power of chaos from returning.

When Malekith and his Witch Circle began this dark rite, the Isle of the Dead invaded and weaved mighty counterspells. An elven tsunami of a thousand foot high hit the north shore of Ulthuan, drowned thousand of fairies and submerged large parts of Nagarythe and Tiranoc under the ocean.

With their fortresseships, known as "Black Arks," Talekith and the survivors of the Loyalist regime set sail for the land known as the New Worlds and built a new empire known as Naggaroth in honour of their devastated homeland. After the division, the predominant possession of Talekith (and representing much of Dark Elves Society) is the killing or submission of the High Elves of Ulthuan and the re-establishment of Talekith on the Phoenix King's seat.

After a catastrophic summer conflict, the dark elves were expelled from their elven home Ulthuan and flew north into the dark and frightening land of Naggaroth, "the land of cold" on huge swimming citadel rocks. Its name is appropriate, because the unwelcome home of the dark elves is a rough wildlife of deep frost covered tandras and large forest of pines.

When the indigenous Naggaroth barbaric people were destroyed, they built six strongly stronghold towns: They also built a line of walled watchtowers along their north boundary to make sure that the Chaos Armed Services did not enter their territory. They have countless dark spires that rise out of the harsh, icy cliffs of Naggaroth.

Because of the rugged and unyielding natural environment of Naggaroth, few people are living outside the towns and so the Druchii towns are among the most heavily inhabited centres in the whole time. They are all dark and wicked places. Naggaroth Company is a hierarchy, headed by its witch king Malekith.

However, it has been claimed that the Dark Elves are in fact a Machiavellian company, with one man at the top and several mighty subordinates competing with each other, all competing for dominion but at the same time hindering others from getting it. Maleekith allows this because it keeps all factions stronger by wiping out the feeble, but also under his full cogent.

The dark elves have one primary means of income: slavery. Dark-elves invade all other countries, especially Ulthuan, home of their high elves foes. They' re taking supplies and treasures, but the primary aim of their robberies is to get them. Servants have an important role in the Druchii community because they carry out the lower tasks that an adventurous Druchii has among them.

Sklaves also make up the majority of Khaine's sacrificed rituals. Dunkelelfen do not appreciate the life of their servants and often slay one or two, in order to show the other servants their savagery. Slavery rebellions are scarce, hard oppressed, and due to the savagery of the dark elves, mostly only the "new" have the will to take part in a uprising.

The first case, the survivors of the slavery have a tendency to sails the trapped vessel to its liberty. Dark Elves go to the seas in their Black Arks, which are giant swimming rock fortresses. Shielded by sorcery, the Black Arks journey far and far to find and recruit slayers. Every Black Ark houses a small armies of dark elf robbers and a small navy of battleships.

First and foremost, the Druchii venerate the elven deity Kaela Mensha Khaine, the bloody deity and a thousandfold lord of homicide. Whilst their relatives, the high elves of Ulthuan, only call on this wicked gods in wartime, the dark elves are completely docile. Every town has its own temple and shrine dedicated to Khaine, where offerings of sacrifice are made.

Darkelelves must give a percentage of the bondmen they catch on robberies to the temples, but most dark elves make several extra offerings a year. Khaine Worshippers' wildest cult are the brides of Khaine, better known as Witch Elves (or Maibd in the dark elves' language).

You are a purely feminine worship of the warriors. Witches elves regard the battleground as a sacred place and are suicidal fanatics in demonstrating Khaine's value by shedding the lives of their warriors. This worship is directed by the high priestess, the so-called witches, who bath in bloody water to preserve the everlasting young.

It was Morathi who established the Khaine worship, but on a daily basis her rivals Crone Hellebron, the oldest of the witches, reigns the worship, although in reality the great majority is faithful to the Morathi christi. For the dark elves, the most sacred season of the year is the death of the elves. The Witch Elves reign over the roads of the dark elves' towns that dark elves find (whether they are slave or dark elves) that dark elves that they either retreat to the temple or kill them on the scene as victims for Chaine.

Witch Elves will even go so far as to burgle homes, causing the dark elven family to barricade gates and sashades. The Witch Elves will also be stealing a number of kids and infants from their family on the Eve of Death. Trapped in this way, young women are educated to become witch elves, while young men are thrown into a boiler of cooking blood: the survivors are educated as real adept of Khaine- the dreaded felon.

It' s doubtful that anyone would try to protect himself against the witches, because the retaliation would be horrible even by the dark elves' reckon. In addition to worshipping Khaine, a significant part of the people have also surreptitiously kept the devotion to the Chaos God of Joy, Slaanesh, going on.

Morathi's celebration of joy was an important part of the division of the Ulthuan elves, but was regarded as heresy after the foundation of Naggaroth and violently repressed when the veneration of Khaine was widespread. Centennies went by, and the ritual became strong in the shadow and secrets of the six towns.

Morathi also cites the Conventions of the Wizards as the basis of worship (therefore there is a sectarian hostility between the Conventions and the worship of Khaine). When the tempest of chaos devoured the Old World, the worship resurfaced as Morathi and her wizards elevated a vast array of Slaaneshi-worshiping hunger tribes (human supporters of chaos) to worship and march them through Naggaroth.

As a reaction to this, subterranean members of the worship frankly followed the increasing landlord of battle, Morathis. She transformed the worship and its associates into her own personal armies with her miraculous grandeur, wise politics and mighty magick, and conquered the countries of Austria in the far southernmost regions to pillage the enormous richness and sorcery artefacts of the lizardmen and their Slann-master.

Although rejected by the reptile inhabitants of Austria, the worship of pleasure came back to Naggaroth after acquiring much material and magic riches through the siege, and has shown its open mind as a follower of Slaanesh. The open demonstration of skill and hybris angered Hellebron, the present ruler of the Khaine and Morathi's main rivals, who has started to assemble the Khaine worship to face Morathi and her Slanneshi-alies.

For this reason, and with the Malekith army (which hated chaos and considered the Slannesh worship as a menace to its power) that cannot interfere in the attack on the distant Ulthuan, Naggaroth is currently on the verge of cataclysm. Darkelelven forces are quick and hazardous, but potentially vulnerable.

Characteristic of the Dark Elf army are armor made with all kinds of evil barb, hook and blade, and their uniform is usually dark, dark colors such as lilac, indiigo, or blacks. Sisters of Slaughter, the sadist and exciting Gladiators who use deadly flogging and whiplashes to enmesh the enemy, many witch elves who fall into a drug-crazed kill mania - a force that increases when they are near the feared blood vessel, a vast moving altar for the bloody god Khaine or a replacement from Malekith's own guards, the relentless, reckless and murderous

Unused by the elves before the division, they live in the caverns below the Blackspine Mountains and are a different race from the lizardmen of Lustria. Often used with dark riders; quick and very agile fighters, dressed in dark gowns and riding on quick elf horses known as dark steed.

In Scroungerunner Chariots, drawn by Dark Steeds, beasts catch and smash new creatures with javelins and cannons. The expelled Druchii wizards also rid on these unruly steps; accursed by Malekith, the wizards' spirits are plagued by the chaos god Slaanesh, and in order to retard their final destiny, these corrupt creatures sacrific the spirits of others instead of their own to soothe the Dark Prince for a while.

Darkelelves use a rather malicious weapon known as the Grim Reaper. Mostly found at the bows of dark elf vessels or on the balustrades of fortifications. Darkelelves show a gift for domesticating and coaching the giant creatures that haunt the mountains of their home country.

It' s not unusual for a Druchii Beastmaster to bring a huge, multiheaded monster Hydra, who' s broke to the whip, or one of the monster that lives in the depths of the ocean, Kharibdyss, Dark Pegasi, an angry waved Manticor or the lofty Black Dragon, into war. Outside the battleground, these beasts masters are also in charge of cold and elf horses and the subduing of the infinite store of beasts.

Obsessed with a wildly beautiful woman, they are regarded as the incarnations of the killed witch elves of Khaine. It follows great warring factions of the dark elves to capture the dead and injured. The six Conventions of the Sorceresses provide magic strength on the battle field, refining the dark elf women's innate magic talent into a lethal one.

Although the sorceresses are fragile in hand-to-hand battle, the dark might they exert is strong enough to make sure that almost every major Dark Elf might has at least one sorceress. Each Dark Elf devotes his whole lifetime to drill and train in manoeuvres. As a result, dark elven commands are forced to trust solid strategy rather than raw violence.

The Dark Elves were upgraded with a new Army book in October 2013. It was Malekith, the Witch King of Naggaroth. Dark Elves believe that they are second to none. The high elves are their main enemy for apparent causes, but over the course of the ages they have been given cause to defend themselves against all breeds of the Warhammer world.

Located just northern of the jungle-covered Lustria region, the Dark Elves often organise raids on Lizardman temperament towns for magic objects, bullion and slave (although lizard people are not good servants because of their cold-blooded stubbornness). It' s known that Dark Elves are recruiting Ogres, Greenskins, Beastmen or Warriors of Chaos as accomplices, although they would never consider them equal and kill them without a second thought.

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