Currency on Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island Currency

Cards are widely accepted on Norfolk Island and I have never been accepted. PerfectlyPerth says there's only one ATM on the island, at CBA. Australian Dollars to Solomon Islands Dollars (AUD/SBD) exchange rates. Norfolk Island currency, Australian dollar, ISO code AUD currency. Nothern Mariana Islands, MP, US Dollar, USD.

Usefull information for visitors

There is no summer season on Norfolk Island. The Norfolk Island timezone is GMT + 11 (or up to 11 hrs UTC). Norfolk Island is next to the airfield and the generator is powered by fuel. We have a 240Volt AC supply and all our sockets are three-pole.

An overvoltage protector is recommended for all electrical devices. The majority of Norfolk Island's buildings have electricity from sunlight. Warm running waters in most of Norfolk Island's buildings are generated by using either electrical or natural-gas-booster electricity. A few of the island's buildings use natural heat for their warm waters or the old-fashioned Bramas.

English is the shared name of Norfolk Island, but Norfolk Islanders have their own unique English and Tahitian languages. Pitcairners introduced the island to the tongue. Norfolk Island Norfolk Island has two banking institutions, Westpac and the Commonwealth Bank. Both stores are in the central Burnt Pine area.

There' s an ATM on the island outside the Commonwealth Bank. Northfolk Island uses the Australian currency and both of them can convert your currency for you. We accept all common types of payment and traveller's checks on the island. Click "here" to see a bigger church overview on Norfolk Island.

Norfolk is a state and local broadcaster offering a service to the municipality of Norfolk Island.

A historical encyclopedia

In the course of time, currency has evolved with the company. In antiquity, the currency took many shapes, among them such diverse objects as plain hides and seasalt boulders. When companies made advances in technology and art, their financial and currency system also made progress. It contains a time line with important historical facts about currency as well as a dictionary and a citation.

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