Cultural Awareness in French Polynesia

French Polynesia Cultural Awareness

Olévier Lenoir, cultural guide;. Polish! Culture! Here!

In! der! mision! to! promote! friendship,! understanding! and! cultural! First he came to Tahiti, French Polynesia, where he met the writer James Norman Hall. Consider the differences in their traditional clothing.

The new Tahitian brand marketing campaigns combine icons of beauty with unique culture

Tahiti's new slogan "Embraced by Mana" is at the heart of the Tahiti initiative. Emphasising this important and strong cultural approach gives the Tahitian Sun Protection a new sense of identity and addresses the key targets of Tahitian explorers who want to enjoy a deep, true bond and are ready to continue traveling for it. "The' Ambraced by Mana' demonstrates the intrinsic twinity of the islands of Tahiti as a goal of global excellence, iconic splendour and varied cultural discovery," said Paul Sloan, CEO and General Manager of Tahiti Tourisme.

"French Polynesia is well placed to conquer more of the US tourist markets and gain our stake in South Pacific travel, with the new corporate image we launched in 2014 and a strategically comprehensive overall strategy to tell our stories. In addition to the use of electronic and printed advertisements, the scope of our overall campaigns is extended to include interactive and collaborative forms of publicity.

Situated in the South Pacific, the Tahiti Isles are eight flight hrs from Los Angeles. Nestled in unspoilt, crystalline water, the 118 archipelago of 118 beautiful and unspoiled islets, offering genuine local civilization and a uniquely French-Polynesian flair. Tahiti's islets are famous for their sandy whitewashed shores, breathtaking sandy dunes and scenery that range from majestic reef tops to majestic coves.

Every isle has a wide range of accommodation, from luxury resort accommodation with surface mansions to guesthouses and cruises. In Tahiti's islands, personal freedom is a matter of course and provides the visitor with the opportunity to unwind and re-connect. Located midway between California and Australia, Tahiti is on the same side of the International Date Line as North America and in the same timezone as Hawaii.

Charleux Michel

An enthusiastic archaeologist, Michel Charleux has lived in French Polynesia for almost 20 years since his first trip in 1977. True to his concept of raising cultural awareness among young Polynesians, he held introductory archaeological workshop at the Musée de Tahiti et des Îles.

From 1987 to 2013 he was part of excavations on the abandoned Eiao islet. Today, Michel Charleux devotes most of his spare minute to the classification of the large collection he brings back from this archipelago for his Ph. An enthusiastic archaeologist, Michel Charleux has lived in French Polynesia for almost 20 years since his first trip in 1973.

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