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You can call Welsh Snowdonia, Liverpool and Dover. England's Lake District, North Wales and Ireland! Benefit from temporary offers and special offers. We offer the best of what the British Isles have to offer in England, Scotland & Wales: Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland and France.

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In July 2014, four of us will go on a trip to Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Boat trips can be costly, overcrowded and not always connected to our sights. Can you, from your own experiences, suggest top class tourist leaders for Ireland, Scotland and Wales? Scotland: Édinburgh (Leith); Invergordon; Kirkwall (Orkney Islands); Ultapool.

Ireland: Belfast; Dublin; Cork (Cobh). Wales: We' ll be in each harbor for about 8+ h. If you moor at Holyhead, you will land next to the train stop. Conwy is a small fortified city and the train stop is bordering the castle.

And I think that would make a great outing. Near the train terminal there is a tourism information center. It would be much less expensive than land trips to take a personal cab to one or two places on the Isle of Anglesey. There is a castle, some great view on Snowdonia, some cafés and stores and you can stay there for a fewh.

I' m making these proposals on the assumption that you can pass a few long days getting the feeling of somewhere instead of being buzzed from place to place and just seeing Wales from a bus view. I' ve taken four cruises around the British Isles, on the first we made the trips of the boat, never again, what I've done since then, is to rent a vehicle for the days, for a split of the costs you can have a cheap cruise boat for the days and the buses of the boat to the most interesting places, which works best on isles, Invergordon was also good, they hit us at the boat with a motor.

We wouldnt do it that says it Dublin where transportation is magnificent, but we found that 1,000 persons stacked off boats into trainers, we and another pair of hadcars enrolled. Surely in the larger cities, Edinburgh Dublin etc., you can take the HOHO coach to get an idea and then get off at all the places of interest you are attracted to.

Also try the "sister site" of TA CruiseCritic for further tips and ideas........

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