Cruises to England and Ireland

Excursions to England and Ireland

The second largest city port in England, Liverpool is a popular destination on a cruise through the UK. Higher up on the east coast of the UK is Edinburgh, Scotland's thriving and historic capital. See the British Isles of Ireland, Scotland and England. Cruise the coast of Ireland and the British Isles on this fascinating cruise. England, Ireland and Scotland's windswept coasts offer a wild and beautiful landscape with fascinating monuments and charming villages.

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It is the capitol of Northern Ireland and offers the ideal chance to discover real Northern Ireland and its cultures. It is over 2000 years old and it is well deserved a stop. Edinburgh has a uniquely strong attraction, from its knobby towers to the impressive fortress on the hill. Shetland' s capitol, Lerwick has a vivid name.

It is also the European cruising capitol.

UK & Ireland Cruises

Cruising the UK or Ireland is the ideal way to have a long week-end and rediscover a wonderful area you thought you already knew and the countless theattractions. Whenever you think of Great Britain, London is the first place that comes to your head. Unfortunately, very few cruisers will moor on the Thames; most often vessels will moor in Dover because of its close ties to Europe to the north and the west and London to the west.

Most cruises in the UK and Ireland take place in the summers, and if you are travelling in the winters, you may discover the lights as you travel through Scotland. These departures are typical UK cruises around the Welsh and Nordic coasts, stopping at River Viverpool and heading northbound to Scotland's dramatically western seas.

The second largest town harbour in England, Liverpool is a favourite cruising location in the UK. It is a lively town full of charms, with more than 2,500 historical structures and landmarks. Higher up on the eastern shore of the UK is Edinburgh, Scotland's flourishing and historical centre.

Situated in the centre of the old part of the island, it houses the most important historical monuments and is definitely a worthwhile place to take the opportunity to discover them. Above the sea, Belfast has in recent years transformed from a war-torn metropolis into a trendy metropolis with a choice of trendy shops and classy pubs, restaurants and classical victorian architectural and decorative styles.

Dublin, the republic's capitol, has a well-deserved fame as a thriving and vibrant town with its odd mixture of twisting cobblestone roads and old houses, contemporary museum and vibrant cuisine. Harbors in the UK and Ireland are also represented on a number of cruises in Europe.

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