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British Isles Royal Caribbean Cruises and Land Excursions. Luxury UK cruises typically cruise the Welsh and Northern Irish coasts from these departure points, take a break at Liverpool and then sail north to the dramatic west coast of Scotland. UK & Ireland Cruise - All Cruises. Cruise around UK & Ireland. The bucolic Irish landscape and the monastery ruins of Glendalough in Dublin.

British Isles Cruises

For a long time cruising around the British Isles was a tantalising experience. She was the Regent Seven Seas Voyager, which we entered in her first call at Edinburgh, where she moored in South Queensferry near the Firth of Forth rail link and asked us to jump aboard a group of enthusiastic Americans.

Others organized field trips include an overviews of some of the shipwrecks at Scapa Flow (mainly those sunk by Germans at the end of World War I, but also HMS Royal Oak, the UK battle vessel destroyed by submarines in 1939). It followed a similar schedule for the remainder of the cruise: night at seas and day in various harbours, all of which were presented in admirable presentations by Sandra Bowern, the ship's doc.

Voyager travellers, however, are not as scared off by sight-seeing and buying as the number of skeleton screens that could still be seen on the highways. This was also the last stop for the Titanic. Although it was the official end of the Round Britain trip, for many on the ship it was not the harbour of unfreight.

Voyager left for the Mediterranean within a few hour and of the 596 people sailing around Britain (42 Britons, 30 other Europeans, 487 Americans, 19 Canadians, 10 Mexicans and eight Australians), many remained on the boat for this next trip. On Voyager, a regular occupant is a regular onboard.

If the boat goes into the arid docks to wait and renovate, the unfortunate man has to look for a five-star motel for a few short months. Alternatively, if you wish to book an ex-UK flightless trip, the boat will sail from Dover to Monte Carlo (14 overnights, from £5,915) and then to Athens and Athen-Venice on 9 September.

This route covers Sark, the Celtic Sea, Glengariff and Killybegs (both Ireland), Rothesay, Oban, Tobermory, the Inner Hebrides, Kirkwall (the Orkney Islands), Invergordon, Leith (for Edinburgh) and back to Dover.

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