Cruise the uk and Ireland

United Kingdom and Ireland Cruises

Discover London, Liverpool, Belfast, Dublin and the countryside. The Olsen Cruise to Ireland will take you to a country as rich in culture as its natural beauty. The itineraries include Dublin mini cruises for a short break. You can enjoy one of our train journeys in Great Britain and Ireland. Drive through the open waters to the southernmost island of the Inner Hebrides, explore Oban and Inveraray.

Cruises Ireland and England

Cross Ireland and England on this 12-day cruise on board a small luxurious boat that will take you to the big towns and the enchanting off the well-trodden paths; the cruise will take you both eastwards and westwards. This westward facing tour takes you from London to Dublin and spends two night each in first class hotel in the centre of each town.

Start with two overnight stays in a first-class Dublin resort and head to the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea, where you will explore the unmatched blend of cultures of Celtic, Nordic and UK cuisine. The Titanic was constructed in Belfast and see the impressive exhibit of the Titanic Experiment.

Explore the secluded Guernsey during the Second World War, which was still under German occupation, with army facilities, shelters and a lookout in the midst of picturesque towns and beaches. Visiting Portsmouth, England's leading marine town, you can see the deck of the renovated HMS Victory, Admiral Nelson's vessel that gained fame in the Battle of Trafalgar.

Explore thinly inhabited isles off the Cornelian coast with whitewashed shores, flower beds and historical places that make for an enchanted and unique environment - on St. Mary's, you' ll see Hugh Town and the Star Castle that once protected the archipelago from Spain's invading and pirating forces.

She is small enough to offer a truly private dining adventure with luxurious facilities such as dining, lounging, bars, gyms and sea view cabins.

On a cruise liner you can experience the beauty of England, Scotland and Ireland.

Raise a deckchair and drive through verdant landscapes and magic palaces. As your ship moors, you will walk cobbled roads and explore picturesque villages and big capitals that will whet your appetite offering a meal in a local bar and a Guinness pin. The medieval Southampton is home to the UK's biggest harbour and the basis from which many large cruise liners dock.

You can drive to London from here or take a cruise on the rivers to see Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, The London Eye and more. The Edinburgh is vibrant with Edinburgh Military Tattoo and performances, although Edinburgh Castle, Scone Palace and The Royal Mile are worth a stop at any of them.

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