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UK Islands (with Dublin Overnight) by So'ton. Island & Emerald Island from Southampton. One of the gates to the beautiful city of Cork. Blarney Stone is a stone block in the wall of Blarney Castle. Nowadays the charming and cosmopolitan city on the Liffey is one of the most important travel destinations in Europe.

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Magellan, cruise guy:

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Browse a cruise from Ireland (below) and choose a date to get competitive offers. In order to browse all routes (not only Ireland), please see the page Find a cruise or try our Virtual Cruise Advisor. Two-oh-one hundred and eight sails: Two-oh-one hundred and eight sails: Two-oh-one hundred and eight sails: Two-oh-one hundred and eight sails: Two-oh-one hundred and eight sails: Two-oh-one hundred and eight sails:

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Best Irish Yachting Trips for 2018

In recent years, more and more major cruise companies have added Ireland to their routes, some even starting from Dublin. It is no wonder that the "Green Island" is becoming more and more famous with its rich past, lovely palaces and magnificent scenery. This year, if you are looking for something else, there is no better season than the present to come to Ireland.

We' ve already made our cruise reservations, haven't we? So if you need some inspirational ideas, here are our tips for the best Irish cruise in 2018. The top selection for the best cruise to Ireland goes to Ireland's 10-day cruise Ireland and Iceland, which starts with the Eclipse from Dublin, Ireland.

On 30 April, 10 May and 28 May 2018 Celebrity Eclipse will start with 3 slightly different routes. This route perfectly matched our timetable with a mix of stations in Ireland such as Dublin, Belfast and Cork as well as Reykjavik and Akureyri, Iceland and Lerwick, Scotland.

We get a foretaste of Ireland and Iceland, inclusive an night in Reykjavik, without depleting our holidays. We were also attracted by the Dublin harbour of departures, as most other vessels depart from Southampton or Amsterdam. If, instead, you would rather be spending some before the cruise in Amsterdam, the Celebrity Eclipse also offers some routes on the British Isles.

Celebrity Eclipse itself is very appealing. With the characteristic celebrity services, the speciality cruiser restaurant got to know and enjoy the line, and the Lawn Club, Celebrity Eclipse is definitely one of the best cruise ships to Ireland in 2018. A 12-day cruise on the Royal Princess in the British Isles is another good choice if you want to cruise Northern Europe in 2018.

There are three slightly different routes available during the tourist seasons from Southampton, England, either with an accommodation in Dublin, a trip to Kirkwall or a trip to Liverpool with extra harbours such as Cork and Belfast, Ireland, Glasgow, Invergordon and Edinburgh, Scotland, and Paris, France. The Harbour Intense Cruise provides 8-9 stopovers that give you a deep insight into the story and cultures of these magic places and is on offer several occasions during the cruise period, giving you more versatility when you're on holiday.

The Royal Princess is the biggest ship in the Princess Cruises family. Featuring characteristic Curtis Stone meals serving in the luncheon room, several speciality meals, movie under the stars, the Watercolor Fantasy Show and other award-winning entertainments, your stay aboard the Royal Princess will certainly be as unforgettable as the harbours of the call.

Norwaygian Cruise Line's Norwegian Jade also sailed to the British Isles and offered 2 2018 Cruise Tours starting from Southampton, England on 4 May and 17 September. This cruise, which calls at several harbours in England, Ireland and Scotland, is also very busy. Although the data are more restricted, this cruise to Northern Europe could be the best figure in 2018.

There is nothing you can do wrong when you book this cruise to Ireland, choosing between a free drinks pack and/or a free speciality dinner pack. The Norwegian Jade, although slightly older than some of the other features, still provides many great conveniences on board for yachts. NCL's unique free-style eating style allows you to select wherever you want, whenever you want, with typical Cagney' Steakhouse and Le Bistro in between.

Well-known favourites such as O'Sheehan's Pub and the Sugarcane Mojito Bar are certainly the place to go during your cruise to Ireland on the Norwegian Jade. When you are looking for something special, Royal Caribbean's Brilliance of the Seas 16-Day Ireland and Azores Transatlantic Route is one of the best Irish Cruises of 2018.

From Amsterdam on 1 September 2018, this cruise offers one of Ireland's most comprehensive exploration trips with stations in Dublin, Waterford, Belfast and Cork as well as on the Azores. They leave the ship in Tampa, FL, where Brilliance of the Seas begins its Caribbean seasons.

You may not be able to stay that long before you can make a similar 15-day trans-atlantic trip to Florida on April 5, 2018. If you are looking for a more historic route on a ship of the British Isles, we also offer selected 12- and 13-night British Islanders.

Many of the most popular and popular book clips in the world include the Schooner Bar, Chops Grille, Park Cafe and Viking Crown Lounge. A member of the Radiance category, this ship provides a good mixture of comforts with a small ship's feeling, not to speak of the panorama view around every nook and cranny.

When you are faithful to Royal, then you should decide to travel to the Green Island in 2018. The 14-day fjord and highland route of MS Zuiderdam, which starts from Copenhagen, Denmark, on 20 May 2018, completes our schedule of the best Irish trips in 2018. With an unparalleled cruise route that includes several stations in Ireland and Scotland, an accommodation in Dublin and a view of Norway, this cruise could be interesting for cruise ships looking for something different.

When you have the luxuries of the holiday season and cruise capital, you can even prolong the holiday by combining it with a jewels of the Baltics cruise for the ultimate 24 day adventure. Come and see for yourself! Did you visit Ireland on a cruise? M/S Zuiderdam offers a more muted cruise for those who want to get rich without all the ruffles and excitement of major cruise liners.

See the stunning arts and crafts on display, savour the BBC Earth exclusivity event, see it in one of the two new musical centres on board the ship, have a delicious dinner on board, attend an America's Test Kitchen workshops or just relax and relax with a cocktail in one of the many on board BBC Earth bar and lounge facilities.

Have you been fascinated by our shortlist of the best Irish cruise ship to discover the luxuriant verdant landscape in 2018? It is not an ease to select just one with so many Irish voyages. No matter which trip you decide on, you will certainly have a magic period when you discover the beauties of Emerald Island on board one of these stunning cruise liners.

When a cruise to Ireland next year does not suit your holiday plan, you can always be our representative when we go to Ireland and Iceland in May 2018.

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