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The majority of cruises from Boston depart from Bermuda and along the coast of New England. From Boston, cruises offer you an excellent selection of different cruise lines and ships. A cruise to Boston or, as the locals call it, "Bah-stan". Booking your cruise from Boston, Massachusetts with Norwegian Cruise Line, Holland America and Royal Caribbean. This is Boston's leading cruise and boat tour company.

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Boston cruising is a great way for many to get on a cruise holiday. Boston is a 5-14 day cruise that includes the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Bermuda, Canada and New England. From Boston, cruise passengers can take a one or two night cruise pack to experience the many great sights, amazing dining and everything that makes Boston one of America's most popular city.

For those fortunate enough to be within easy reach, some great last-minute cruise offers are also available when cruising from Boston.

Top 5 Out of Boston cruise offers

Situated on the American eastern seaboard, Boston is a favorite base for cruising to locations around the globe. The port is an important sea port and has a continuous buzzing, also thanks to the conveyor of cruise ships entering and leaving. Whichever cruise you are looking for, there will be something for your taste and your preference.

In Boston Harbour you start your cruise with a four-night cruise at anchor, where you can enjoy the boat's stunning facilities, which include 15 restaurants, 3 outdoor spas, 12 pubs and lounge areas and a cafeteria. The fifth outing will take you to the East Caribbean with St. Thomas on the U.S. Virgin Islands, renowned for its snorkelling and beachs.

In the following 5 and a half day you will stop at some of the picturesque places in the other part of the world. You will have plenty of opportunities to discover and enjoy yourself. Their last stop is San Juan, the capitol of Puerto Rico. This 13-day cruise is a good option for a longer journey through the Caribbean.

From Boston, you will stay three nights at anchor before landing on the unspoilt coast of St. Thomas on the U.S. Virgin Islands. Over the next six and a half day we continue to the islands of St. Maarten, St. Lucia, Curacao and Aruba before returning to Fort Lauderdale in Florida, where your cruise ends.

Testimonials from our cruise passengers have emphasised the outstanding child care onboard, such as a jungle gym and minigolf. To some, a week-long cruise is just not enough, so how about two weeks at sea? The 14-day cruise through the East Indies has attracted extraordinary praise from visitors who love the conveniences on the boat and the slow route that leaves enough space to discover some of the most stunning archipelagoes.

Once you have arrived in St. Thomas on the U.S. Virgin Islands after three consecutive nights at sea, you will visit a new boat every morning for the next six outings. Her last stop is in San Juan in Puerto Rico, before you spend three last few nights at sea to complete your journey, which ends where it began, in the harbor of Boston.

It is a small island library that can be visited in a single working weekend, so if you only have seven nights to explore, this cruise is for you. From Boston you will be spending a full working holiday at the seaside before reaching the Royal Naval Dockyard on Bermuda, where you can experience two full working nights of everything the land has to offer, such as unbelievable shores, water sports, dining, natural paths and more.

A further two offshore trips to take full advantage of your ship's opportunities complete your journey before returning to Boston. This cruise takes you for almost three whole week across the Atlantic to the wilderness of Greenland and Iceland, the northern charm of Norway and the picturesque valleys of the Netherlands for a truly pampering time.

However, the trip begins a little nearer to home in Boston before continuing to Maine and then to Newfoundland in Canada. During the following 12 nights you will have the opportunity to discover some of the less frequented trails on this side of the Atlantic, as well as enjoying the amazing conveniences on your boat and the nightly conversation during the cruise between the isles, ending your cruise in the busy seaport of Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

A 48-mile man-made pathway linking the Atlantic to the Pacific, it has attracted undaunted tourists since its creation over a hundred years ago and is now a favourite cruise ship anchor. From Boston you stay three nights at anchor before getting off in the pulsating town of Ford Lauderdale in Florida.

A few outings on the sea will give you the opportunity to continue using the ship's amenities, which includes several dining areas, a spas and a gym, before you stop in the lovely seaport of Cartagena in Colombia on the 7th avenue. Next mornings, you arrive at last at the Panama Canal, where you can stay two full mornings.

Additional stations in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico complete your journey before it ends in San Diego, California.

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