Cruise Ireland and Scotland 2017

2017 Cruise Ireland and Scotland

Luxury 8 day cruise from Scotland to Ireland. View 8 cities on board the world's largest sailing cruise ship. Bangladesh 8 Night Ireland & Scotland (with optional military tattoo). It reveals the classic symbols of Ireland and Scotland, as well as the secret and remote alternatives. Accompany us on board the Sea Cloud II on our British Isles Golf Cruise as we effortlessly explore the golf and travel highlights of Scotland and Northern Ireland, cruise Scotland in luxurious style and visit the Scottish Islands, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Pacific Princess Pacific Princess 8 Night Ireland Scotland (with optional military tattoo) leaves Dover (London), England

Well-known for the Pacific Princess on the Love Boat, Princess Cruises is a premier name in the cruise and visiting a variety of cruise locations. Here you will find everything from palaces to crêpes and mansions to Van Gogh on a cruise in Europe. Dover, with its distinctive ledges, is one of the most sought-after gates to England.

Enjoy the area' s unspoilt beauties or visit London to see more of England's most favourite sights. All routes are subject at any time to alteration without prior notification. Before you buy your cruise, please validate your route on the review page. Prices & Specials depend on selected date & category, cruise only, per passenger, in US dollars, per night, per year... including NCCF.

Prices & quotations are based on capacities, available & confirmed, & may be changed without prior notification.

The best of Ireland and Scotland

Celebrate the miracle of travelling that draws the whole world through the world. The beautifully designed routes are a captivating combination of culture, tastes, festivities and storytelling. We accompany you and make sure that you get the true experience: the pure passion for travelling, without any stress. On your voyage of exploration you can exchange tastes and tastes with regional peasants, cooks and wine growers.

Discover the nature of Europe through compelling reports divided by experienced history and experienced regional leaders. Travel with your taste buds and treat them to new flavors, condiments and tastes. Enjoy every new taste, try the regional cuisine and take home a breath of new gastronomic inspirations. Allow us to show you our passion for eating and our friendship.

We' ll organise everything you need for your trip - food, lodging and travelling logistic, because we are there for you.

Great Britain Golf Cruise: Scotland, Ireland, St Andrews Golf Courses

Please call us at 866.942.3464 to verify cab product uptime. Rates start at $11,965 per passenger and depend on the cot. From St Andrews to Dublin or from Dublin to St Andrews, our stunning British Isles Gulf Cruise route will take you to Scotland and Northern Ireland to some of the best greens in the game.


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