Cruise French Polynesia Islands

French Polynesia Islands Cruise

Discover the misty Marquesas, where you will discover the islands of Fatu Hiva, Hiva Oa, Tahuata and Nuku Hiva. Trans-Pacific Holidays in the South Pacific - French Polynesia

CURRENTLY, ALL CRUISE SHIPS ARE CANCELED FOR THE REMAINDER OF 2017 AND 2018 AS THE BOAT, THE ISLAND PASSAGE, HAS BEEN DIVESTED AND THE NEWLY DESIGNED AND CONSTRUCTED BOAT IS SCHEDULED TO BE DELIVERED BY MID DECEMBER 2018. OF COURSE THE NEW BOAT WILL HAVE DIFFERENT CABIN LAYOUTS AND CONVENIENCES, COMMON AREAS AND SPECIFICATIONS. Collaborating with marine pros to create and construct his unrivalled dream, a luxurious little cruise liner with roomy compartments and open spaces for only 24 passengers within the 42 meters they had to toy with.

This is how the'Inselpassage' was created! Delicious food and exquisite food and drink are served on all our trips, with a culinary meal that serves a selection of top quality Australian and New Zealand sea food (perhaps even captured by you or another guest), New Zealand biological mutton, native fowl and veal and fresh products from our own farmers' market, and an ample winery of award-winning Australian and New Zealand vines.

Bright and breezy cabins and suites are distributed over 3 levels, with 5 Castaway cabins on the master cabin top level, 1 Castaway cabin, 3 Hideaway and 1 Runaway suites on the promenade and 2 Runaway suites on the bridge top level. Hideaway suites are 18 sqm with a large windows and an opening promenade level doors and offer the same features and comforts as the cabins.

Situated on the front of the bridge deck with stunning view from the large panoramic windows and the opening bridge deck doors, the 2 Runaway Suites provide 22m of living area, a king size double berth with luxurious linen, a 32" TV and dressing gowns in the large en-suite bath.

Runaway Suite on the promenade deck has the same features as the Bridge Deck Suites, but has 1 queen sofa. These cruise holidays provide the best of any travel destinations and last between 7 and 10 nights. We have 2 French Polynesia and 3 New Zealand routes. French Polynesia sailing takes place from May to October, visiting a number of wonderful islands in the Society series.

New Zealand tours take place between December and April and include 7 nights on the North and South Islands. Click HERE for more information on these cruise itineraries or check out our special New Zealand section. Airport transfer is part of the tour fee. Upon your return from your 10 nights cruise to Papeete, you will be welcomed by the boat crews and taken to the Pier de Pacquebots at the Papeete Beach.

Upon arriving in Bora Bora, (7 nights cruise), the aerodrome shuttle takes you to Vaitape, where the boat is anchored. At about 4.30 a.m. the boat will pick you up at the boat terminals with small snacks when taking you to the boat. While there are numerous round-trip connections to Tahiti, the world' s leading destination, there are few ports of entry, with only Paris, Los Angeles, Auckland and Tokyo currently serving Tahiti.

French Polynesia's intercontinental carrier is Air Tahiti Nui, which operates regular services from Paris and Los Angeles to Tahiti, and on some dates there are extra battles to/from Los Angeles. LANChile offers a weekly service from Santiago to Tahiti via Easter Isle to make a great detour from Tahiti to Easter Isle.

As there are no means of withdrawing money on the boat, it is recommended to provide enough domestic money for your journey, as locals and community stores do not take payment with them, although they can be paid for onboat. Tahitian Affair 7 Nights/8 Days Cruise cruises some of the Society Islands' wonderful islands and stops in Bora Bora, Raiatea, Huahine and a...

First day - Sunday - Bora Bora. Stage 2 - Monday - Bora Bora to Taha'a & Raiatea. It' bathing day in the lake before the boat leaves Bora Bora at 10am. 00 am arrival in Taha'a and Raiatea for dinner in the Herepiti Bay Laguna, a.

At lunchtime you will have a sightseeing trip through a small bead farming area where you can go diving for your own bead oysters and see what you can find. Late in the afternoons, you will moor in Uturoa, the capital of Raiatea, to discover some of the city' s stores and market, cafés and pubs, before returning to the ship for supper around 6am.

00 o'clock, followed by a calm night in the cocktail lounge, on the decks or in the city. Stage 3 - Tuesday - Raiatea to Huahine. Following our breakfasts and a little stroll you will climb a large boom boat for a scenic cruise through the east Laguna and the meandering Faaroa River, with a native leader.

You' ll be back to the boat later in the day for more aquatic activity if you wish, before supper and accommodation at Teapaa Bay in Huahine. Following breakfasts on decks, the mornings will be devoted to a swim or exploration of Teapaa Bay. The lunch is taken as you slide into the beautiful town of Fare. In the afternoons you have plenty of free use of all the'toys' on the boat; snorkelling, kayaking, paddle boards, etc., or just relaxing on the shore or on decks.

During supper that night, a traditional chorus will accompany you with a culture show, song and Tahiti dance. Today 5 - Thursday - Huahine to Taha'a Today is the beginning of 3 wonderful beachside outings! Arrive after breakfasts for a brief cruise back to Taha'a. The lunch is taken as you cruise the dive.

In the afternoon we will have a visit to a small banana orchard before going into the dark. Today you will return to Bora Bora Laguna and arrive in the mornings. Eat your meal on the boat or take the Le Truck (bus) to the Bloody Mary's Bar.

Everyone will return at 6 p.m. for the captains' evening meal while lying in the lake, enjoying the sunset over Bora Bora. SUNDAY DAY 7 - BORA BORA After having lunch, the tender brings everyone to one of the bigger Motu, Motu Tapu, for further aquatic activities that include a guiding stingray and sharks game.

Then, get back on the boat to the east Laguna and discover some of the finest resort locations before enjoying your last evening meal on the shore with barbecue and a local entertain. Sunday - Day 8 - Bora Bora After having lunch we will take you back to the Vaitape boat station and from here you can take the shuttle back to the Airoport.

10 nights cruise around the Leeward Islands in the Society Chains, includes stopovers in Bora Bora, Raiatea, Huahine and Taha'a, Day 1 - Wednesday - Papeete to Moorea. Returning on the boat in the early evenings, beverages and canapés will be offered on decks, followed by supper and beautiful sundowns. While enjoying a cozy breakfasts this mornings, you' ll be sailing over to the outlying Huahine Isle.

Anchoring in Maroe Bay, Huahine, around 4:30 pm, you will give your guests free access to the boat for either bathing or sea going in kayaks before you return to the boat where the beverages will be provided, followed by a meal in the salon or on board if you wish. You can go on land after a refreshing breakfasts on a secluded sandy shore for snorkelling, canoeing, snorkelling or just relax and enjoy the sundown.

In the evenings the boat goes to Haapu Bay and enjoys a culture show and folk music. 5-Day - Sunday - Taha'a. Mornings are a relaxing cruise to the wonderful Taha'a Lagoon, with all the aquatic activity you could wish for. In the afternoon, you' ll be taken to a nearby banana orchard, then back to the boat for a long swimming or a relaxing beverage in the pub, followed by a distant meal with a view of the Bora Bora sundown.

Monday 6 - Taha'a to Raiatea. We will serve lunch on the boat, there will be a visit to a bead factory where you can go diving for your own oysters. In the afternoons we drop in Uturoa, the capital of Raiatea, where you can discover some of the city' s best stores and market places, cafés and inns.

Supper will be dined on the boat again, followed by a peaceful night in the lounge or on decks, or back ashore for an afternoon walk. 7-Day - Tuesday - Raiatea. You will have enough breakfasts to stop at the souvenir shop and shell markets before exploring the Faaroa River with a native tourer.

In the afternoons you will go back to the boat for more aquatic activity if you wish, before supper and over night at the mooring next to the beach of Sandmotu. Stage 8 - Wednesday - Raiatea to Bora Bora. Following breakfasts, a brief drive to Hurepiti Bay, where we will serve lunches before a 3-hour drive to Bora Bora gives you a chance to unwind and observe the Pacific.

Everyone gets back on the boat for supper around 7:00. 00 o'clock, while you moor in the Laguna and watch the sunset over Bora Bora. 9-Dhursday - Bora Bora Lagune. At the end of Motu Teviaora, which is not accessible to the bigger vessels, the boat will be positioned after having weeded.

During the tendering process you will discover the Laguna, where some of the best resorts on Bora Bora are located, as well as some wonderful little mottos. Evening meal is provided with a view of the sunset over the lake. 10th Friday - Bora Bora Lagune. We will re-position the boat after breakfasts off Motu Tapu, where a stingray and sharks feed trip has been organised.

Tendering brings everyone to and from the boat, for more extra virgin sands, sunny weather and all aquatic activities. The boat goes to Motu Toopua after luncheon. Tendering will take you to and from the boat all afternoons, if necessary, then at 5:00 pm all your passengers will be sent back to Tevairoa for your last barbecue meal on the shore.

11th Saturday - Bora Bora. At the last morning you will be taken back to the Vaitape ferry station to shop in the city at the last moment, then take the shuttle back to the international airports for your connecting flights, or if you stay a little longer in Bora Bora, to your resort.

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