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Kruiz (Russian: ?????

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Kruiz (Russian: ?????) is a former Soviet Union band. The band was founded in 1978, but for some years they were largely unfamiliar in the western world. Their best known is their In Flames movie, which was performed several often at the mid-1980s on Canada's Power Hour series.

At the moment there are two different releases of the band itself: one plays tracks with their initial soft/hard rocking sounds and the famous Valery Gaina-tribo. Founded in 1978, Kruiz played traditional German lyric material on a variety of music. Their initial line-up included Alexander Monin (vocals), Valery Gaina (guitars), Alexander Kirnitsky (bass), Sergey Sarychev (keyboards) and Vsevolod Korolyuk (drums).

The Top was their first record in 1980 and was really a demo series. 1981 they published their first formal record ???????? ????o? (transcription: Krutitsya Volchok, translation: The Top Keeps Turning) with Alexander Kirnitsky on basso and other Matvey Anitchkin keyboard. Another record followed ???????? ??????? (Poslusshay Chelovek, translation: List Man).

1983 the line-up moved to Monin (vocals), Gaina (guitars), Grigory Bezugly (guitars), Oleg Kuzmichov (bass), Vladimir Kapustin (keyboards) and Nikolai Tchunusov (drums). The line-up published the full-length record ??????????? ?? ????????? (Puteshestvye na Vozdushnom, translation: Balloon Journey). Soon after the publication of this record, the band unfortunately caught the wrath of the communistic regime and was called upon to dissolve.

In 1983 the band published their last record P.S. ??????????? ??e???? (P. S. Prodolzhenye Sleduet, translation: P.S. To be Continued), before discontinuing all work. Valery Gaina chose in 1985 to change the band and tackle their band harder. Their new line-up was composed of Gaina (guitars and vocals), Alexander Kirnitsky (bass), Vsevolod Korolyuk (drums) and Vadim Malikov (additional vocals).

The band published an record with the name ( "KiKoGaVva"), after the first two characters of the band members. The line-up was short-lived and Valery Gaina soon enlisted another line-up of himself on vocal and guitar, Feodor Vasilyev (bass) and Sergei Efimov (drums). The band's special embodiment had a bit of velocity mell.

The band recorded a demonstration and an LP, Kruiz-1 on Melodia as well as on Melodia World. It was promptly forbidden by the government and therefore only appeared on the demonstration. Just two years later the track was recorded in the collection "A Place To Meet".

"as well as other Russian skirt groups. The name Kruiz became known in the western world when they opened several shows for the band Rum. They reworked some of their tracks with British texts and in 1988 published the Kruiz for WEA Records (Warner Bros. Records). In Flames from this record got a great deal of airplay in the Canada show The Power Hour.

It' s the power of this record and film that Kruiz became known as a top heavy band, and their past as a western band was largely new. They toured Europe in 1989 and were introduced in the TV show "Mosh Special" on February 5, 1989.

He opened for Metallica and Slayer and was to publish a third record called Culture Shock, but their contract commitments stopped them. Vasilyev and Gaina tried to end the record with the help of Iain Finlay (then Running Wild drummer), but could not do it.

Soon after that the band split up. Then Valery Gaina founded the band Guain, with Vladimir Bajin (vocals), Alexander Shprot (bass) and Andrei Shatounovsky (session drummer). The band released an full-length record in 1990, but it wasn't released until 1995, with two bonustracks from the unpublished third Kruiz record Cultural Shock.

Then Valery Gaina relocated to Los Angeles, mainly because of the advancement of the mafia. So he founded a band named Karma and published an record (Fence) under the Frozen Hound name. It was described as a hybrid between the Stone Temple Pilots and Red Hot Chili Peppers, unlike the Kruiz tracks.

Also Gaina created his own recording and producing tunes for a number of different groups. Meanwhile, Gaina released a dance/hip-hop record named Fantasy, which won its South Korean dances. Bass player Feodor Vasilyev was playing for a successful Russia Hardrock band named Black Coffee. The drummer Sergey Efimov also relocated to the United States and later joined groups known as Wolves and Hippies of Chaos, where he also performed in the band.

After V. Gaina's succes the band was re-formed in 1994 by the band's first singer Alexandre Monin, with the line-up made up of himself, Gregory Bezougly (guitars), Vladimir Kapoustin (keyboards), Oleg Kouzmitchyov (bass) and Nikolai Tschunosov (drums). The line-up reverted to its initial styles of softer and harder rocking and published three records, the 1994 edition of LIVEL at Robin Hood Festival, ???? ???? in 1996 (translation: Booth Up Everyone) and the 1998 edition of LIVEL COLLECTION.

The same line-up was also opened for Ronnie James Dio at the Olimpiyskey Stadium in Moscow, Russia, on May 3, 1999. The special line-up still performs, but doesn't perform anything to do with this kind of music. Valery Gaina grouped with the cast of Vasilyev and Efimov in 2002, and also published a demonstration under the name Kruiz.

Bas and percussion were filmed in Moscow and the bands were mastersed in Los Angeles by Gaina. And Gaina also said she was planning a full reunification. Shortly after Monin's demise, the band heralded a new leader in the name of Dmitry Avramenko from the band "Charisma".

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