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These statistics show the cruise destinations booked by passengers in the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland in 2017 by number of passengers. Year of construction: 2013 Last overhaul: 2016. Southampton is the home of the world's largest cruise ship, the Harmony of the Seas. The Harmony of the Seas: The world's largest cruise ship in Southampton. The CruiseCompare.

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Burning British cruise trends for 2016

It' difficult to forecast a trends, but at the end of each year we try to figure out what could shape our - and your - cruises in the following year. These forecasts are based on a mix of our own cruise liner expertise, years of reporting on the latest developments and insight from cruise opinion leaders.

Below we review our UK cruise fashion for 2016. The British vessels are quite similar in tradition and offer a "classic" cruise experience: i.e. fixed meal periods, a small selection of specialty meals, quite "simple" conversation (i.e. wizards, commedians and reviews, instead of West End-style shows) and restricted activity. But with US airlines such as Royal Caribbean,elebrity Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line starting their latest vessels here, and in the case of Anthem of the Seas stationed in the UK for an entire saison, British cruise liners have a preference for the all-singing, all-dancing US cruise vessel world.

Norwegian Epic, located in Barcelona, remains one of the most beloved cruise liners for British travellers, and in 2016 we will be back in Europe for the first in three years to launch the newest and largest vessel, the Carnival Vista. This is the first US-styled vessel designed for the British only.

In June 2016 Thomson Discovery - formerly Royal Caribbean's Splendour of the Seas - will be launched with 11 platforms, a jungle gym, various food and West End-content. This will be the beginning of a trends and other British routes will be following. Just like the Aussies, if the British travel any route, we like to spend a few nights on both sides of a cruise to explore and be there.

Miami, Vancouver, Seattle and New York have always been favourite places to stay before or after the cruise, but next year - as vessels are stationed in new locations - we are predicting a few new locations. The British have long booked a seaside vacation in Barbados after the cruise, as P&O Cruises Ventura has been located there for many years.

In the coming year we will see Thomson Cruises' newest vessel, Thomson Discovery, located in Barbados for the 2016/2017 season. In addition, there is the outstanding air bridge of our British affiliate TUI, and we assume that Barbados will be even more attractive to the British in 2016. Meanwhile, P&O Cruises' largest vessel, the Britannia, will be stationed in St. Lucia next coming next season, so we are expecting this Carribean jewel to become a favorite destination for a few extra nights after the cruise.

In the Caribbean, Cuba is currently the sexiest traveler' s paradise in the whole wide globe (perhaps after Burma). The Thomson, Star Clippers and Cuba Cruise all baseships in Havana; MSC has just begun home porting in Cuba - and will be adding a second one. There is an increasing need for Cuba cruise services from all those who want to see Cuba before the big airlines move in.

Apropos Burma: The number of cruise companies that started new vessels and programs for young democracies in 2015 - Avalon, Pandaw and AMA Waterways, to name but three - will keep growing in 2016, with many opportunities to do so. The harbours of both UAE will be expanded and further routes will be added, among them MSC Cruises, who have already indicated that they will return home.

Flying times are limited and the new Louvre in Abu Dhabi will open next year, making these towns a very attractive destination. An increasing number of airlines are giving travellers the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious cruise while on board a major line - as long as they are willing to do so.

This is seen in a number of routes, the most evident being Royale Caribbean, Celebrity and Norwegian Cruise Line. The Viking Crown Lounges on the upper decks of Allure of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas have been transformed into a pure Suiten Loung with adjoining dinning room; Celebrity has furnished a pure Suiten-Restaurant, Luminae, and granted the guests of the Suiten entrance to Michael's Club; and Norwegian Escape has the biggest pure Suiten-Harbour-Comb of all its former Ship.

We anticipate this tendency to persist in 2016 as Royal's newest addition to the fleet, the Harmony of the Seas, is launched. New Year also marked several other deluxe milestones: the launching of Regent Seven Seas Explorer, known as "the most deluxe vessel at sea", and towards the end of the year the Seabourn Encore, which puts the emphasis on the deluxe character of the Ulysses world.

With two more vessels scheduled to take off next year, it will offer an upmarket, goal-oriented adventure at more accessible prices than many of the world' s leading brands. In July next year, Stansted Airport's own personal airport terminals will provide VIP cruise services for those who want to jump over routes and people.

You say that greatness doesn't matter, but in the field of cross, "bigger is better" is the tendency we've been spotting over the last 12 mothballs -- and what we know will go on in 2016. In 2015, the UK's 3,647 passengers, 17 decks, P&O Cruises' Britannia and the world's third tallest vessel, the Norwegian Escape, with 4,200 passengers and 20 decks, were specially constructed for the British noisemakers.

In the coming year, it will be a record year for mega-ships with five new vessels from five different routes, all of which are the biggest ever constructed by the routes concerned. The most important is the Holland America Line's Koningsdam, which can be classed as medium-sized with 2,650 people, but is still the biggest vessel the line has ever made.

Carnival Vista, the first of the Vista class (with a sistership for 2018 ), will take off in May with 4,000 people. Carnival will be stationed in Europe for the current summer for the first in three years. The two great siblings of the Royale Caribbean - Allure of the Seas and Allure of the Seas - are at last having another brother and sisters. With 5,400 berths, the Harmony of the Seas will become the biggest cruise liner in the whole canal.

In July Regent Seven Seas launched the Explorer, its largest and most luxury vessel, and at the end of the year Seabourn launched the Seabourn Encore, which is a larger model of its much-loved Ulysses with 604 people. The year 2015 meant a significant shift in Wi-Fi speed and cost on board vessels (which in theory began at the end of 2014 with the start of Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas, but only came into effect with the debut of the sister vessel Anthem of the Seas in April 2015).

The company made investments in 3b satellites and upgraded both the Quantum and Oasis vessels so that customers could have quick and inexpensive entry everywhere. The cruise companies could no longer afford to lean back and see the equipment passing them - they had to keep up with passengers' expectation.

Thirdly, the cruise companies have recognised that this could be to their benefit. Folks could take a self-ie on a boat and immediately announce it to Instagram -- thus furthering the cruise line in the process. Fourthly, the cruise companies have reconsidered their parcels. Instead of providing parcels per minutes or per hours, cruise companies have begun to offer parcels per cruise for several appliances.

The new cruise line launched at the beginning of the year, the new cruise line was the first luxurious cruise line to provide unrestricted free Wi-Fi on board for all cruise guests. And, after a comprehensive renovation in 2016, the Majesty of the Seas of the Royal Caribbean will also be offering free Wi-Fi. A cruise to Venice, St. Petersburg or Barcelona is one of the biggest challenge when your boat is leaving the harbour when the harbor really comes to live or does not remain in the harbor long enough to see all the key sights.

Cruise companies are providing an increasing number of opportunities to spend the night in harbours in order to really enjoy all the different places. On his mediterranean cruise, and even the biggest names, especially with their experienced cruise ships, realize that zipping food and boating bananas just aren't enough anymore.

The new Fathom trademark of the Carnival Corporation, which will concentrate strongly on volunteerism in the Dominican Republic or human-to-human culture enhancement in Cuba, will be introduced in early 2016. Is cruise ships paying for the privileges of educating schoolchildren in English, working with women businesswomen to build business, and help deliver safe waters to impoverished communities?

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