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Crossroads Backpackers Lodge & ; Internet Café. I stayed in the'Crossroads' Backpackers in Claris for two nights.

Great Barrier Island by Auckland, New Zealand with great deals.

Auckland is only 90 km from Great Barrier Island, but it is much, much further away. Known as Aotea in Maori, the island is the biggest and most secluded in Harauki Gulf and serves as a breakwaters from the Pacific. It is a luxuriant and rough place, thinly settled, with a border feeling and a slow island rip.

The BBC Castaway 2007 features Great Barrier as the backdrop for the BBC documentary show, designed to give you an impression of how savage the island is; yet it's only 4½hrs with the shuttle from the city centre of Auckland or a half-hour plane ride. The Great Barrier Island is a great place for walking and birdwatching.

The island lacks predators, especially opossums, which allow the plant life to grow and many otherwise threatened birds, such as cacao, to grow. Firstly, you should take along your money - there are no ATM machines on Great Barrier Island, although more and more places are accepting payment or bank-card.

The entire power is also produced on the island itself, so a flashlight is a good choice, as the power is usually switched off at nights and there is no street lighting. While most travelers take the Great Barrier Island boat from Auckland, there are often cheap airfares that are perfect for saving travel to Auckland.

The Great Barrier is a big island and most travelers find that they need to hire a vehicle to really get around the island. The Go Great Barrier Island operates a coach route connecting the Tryphena Wharf ferry and Claris ferry services.

Aotea Car Rental, Go Great Barrier Island (which also operates the coach service) and Medlands Rental have several car rental firms on the island. Take your long trip around the island, as it is larger than most believe, and the 35 km/h maximum allowed speeds and twisty, curvy streets mean it can take a long while to reach.

When you are not sure whether you prefer to travel by air or take the boat, it is possible to buy a $180 fare that will include transportation to the island and a return to Auckland ( "Fly My Sky") or the other way around. The Great Barrier Island does not have an abundance of affordable catering for backpackers.

Most of the island's dining areas are linked to the more beautiful resort. All over the island, shellfish are crisp and the majority of local specialities are served on the same days, according to the daily cuisine.

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