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Kristobal, Panama Information contributed by. Bonita Beach/Panama City Highlights, Panama. Cristobal Harbour is one of the oldest seaports in Panama. Port-of-Cristobal, Panama business opportunities, photos and videos, contact information. With MSC Cruises, sail to Cristobal, discover special packages and excursions to explore beautiful places in Panama.

Cristobal, Panama Port Information, Cruise Reports and Land Excursions

How is Cristobal? All US nationals arriving in Panama require a US-Pass. Passports must be in force at least 6 month after the scheduled date of travel from Panama. Panama's language is English and Hispanic. Panama's denomination is the Balboa, but US dollar is widely used for a 1 to 1 theorem.

How is Cristobal? Christobal is a harbour town located at the mouth of Limon Bay, which opens onto the east side of the Panama Canal. A lot of boats that go to the Panama Canal just go into the sluices and are then pulled up to Lake Gatun, where they then offer the people on land for their landings.

People who do not go on land trips usually remain on board to follow their footsteps back to the sluices and then to Cristobal. A number of boats do not even board the sluices, but just take their land trips in Cristobal. There is not much to see of Cristobal itself and there are few shops in the town.

Docking at Cristobal Pier in Cristobal. We do not recommend to go from the jetty to the city, but to take a cab wherever you want. Cristobal has few shops, but the jetty itself is home to a large commercial centre and a fleamarket. Handicrafts from various groups of Indians living in Panama, among them the Cuna Indians.....

The primary goal of a harbour stay in Cristobal is of course the Panama Channel. The majority of boats provide a part of the trip through the channel, which you can reserve. It is also an ideal way to see the whole channel. After all, a bus trip through the Channel, which also incorporates Panama City, is an ideal way to explore the whole Channel.

When the Gatun sluices are sufficient for you, there are several other possibilities that are desired. Walking in the rainforest, canoeing in Lake Gatun, peacock bass angling in Lake Gatun and visits to various villages and market towns in India are always possible. Yes, I would say that crossing the Gatun Lock is an adventure that everyone will recall.

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