The Coron is one of the best islands in the Philippines. Celebrate the cold waters of our world-famous lakes and lagoons and visit the main attractions in the heart of Coron. It' s easy to understand why Forbes Traveler Magazine named Coron one of the top ten dive destinations in the world. Locate hotels in Coron, book online, pay at the hotel. And if Coron isn't on your bucket list yet, get a pen ready!

All you need to know about Coron Palawan

Some of our favourite places around the globe are the Coron islets. Coron, Palawan is home to a number of stunning and breath-taking sight. The most famous thing about this archipelago are the few wrecks from the Second Worid War that are buried off the banks of Coron.

Coron is just as imposing above the Philippines and is home to one of the most frequently taken photos of places in the Philippines. All you need to know before you plan a journey to Coron Palawan in the far away corners of the Philippines. Where' s Coron? From a technical point of view there are two Coron Philippines, one is actually the name of the biggest city on the Busuanga Isle and another Coron is a smaller isle 30 minutes away from Coron City.

The Coron forms the east half of the Busuanga isle. A small fishermen's town with just over 40,000 inhabitants, Coron Town is increasingly becoming a favourite holiday town. It is often referred to as one of the best places to visit in the Philippines. Palawan has recently been declared the most gorgeous of islands in the underworld.

Cebu Pacific and Philippines Airlines operate several daily services from Manila. When possible, you should try to prevent later departures, the Coron International Aerodrome (Busuanga) has no illumination and the departures cannot arrive after dark. Oron Palawan International to Coron City:

If you are arriving by air, all locals know the timetables and are awaiting to take you to Coron Town. There' s a boat from Manila and Puerto Princesa to Coron. Manila-Coron ferries take 15 hrs and run twice a week, and Puerto Princesa-Coron ferries take 15h.

Then the same boating firm goes back from Coron to Manila or Puerta Princesa, that is the escape to El Nido, there is a lot to do in El Nido, we strongly suggest to add El Nido to your Philippines itineraries. Scubaiving in Coron can take up to several months, if you have enough spare manpower.

It is the major attraction for most of Coron, and the most loved places are a navy of submerged Japan War ships in 20-35 metres of underwater. Divesites are about an hour drive by ferry from the harbour in Coron Town and it is common to make 2 bottles a days, and sometimes 3 each.

The price in the city is about 3000P for 2 and 3500P for 3 cisterns. So how many nights should you stay in Coron? Now, that will depend on whether you dive and how much you dive in the Palawan. We are planning 3 nights outside of the dive to see the remainder of the nearby island near Coron Palawan.

While you get on a ferry and leave the city, there are a few pre-set trips where you can see with other travellers some of the top locations in the Palawan area, the rates are from 650P to 1200P inclusive lunches. Usually the trips come back after 4 pm, just to find supper in the city.

What is the best place to sleep in Coron Palawan? Coron City on the island of Busuanga is the simplest starting point. However there is not much to do in the city itself, no beaches, finite dining, and maybe a pub or two for the tourist. Coron's actions and major attraction is a boating trip away.

Busuanga's small islets are among the most beautiful I have ever seen and the dive is unique. A very simple room costs about 1350P ($30USD), which we felt was high for the Philippines. It would be better to pay more and get something to stay asleep, especially if you dive a bit.

You can also take a ferry to another of the islands, but you will need to take all your groceries with you and you will be fine without much movement, if we came back we would consider this one. Staying in one place with a alternator - The electricity goes in and out all over Coron without prior notice and without a timetable.

The Coron Village and the Corto del Mar do. Well-known as one of the cleanest seas in all of Asia, this jewel and the islands on which it is located is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Lake Kayangan and the near lookout are one of the most frequently taken pictures in the Philippines.

It is not the water, but the cove on the other side of Coron Isl. A major attraction for the visitor is the navy of Japan war ships at the bottom of the Coron ocean. One of the best things to see and do in Coron is on Coron lsland, not on the Coron Town isle.

Best thing is a boating trip away. Ensure that you make many daily excursions while you visit Coron Palawan. It is a great place to get scuba certification, there are unbelievably unparalleled places to discover while underwater. In Coron Philippines you can take a swimming course around the wrecks, which in some places are lower than 35m.

She is also a fantastic place for a long distance overnight dives with a lot to see, even bio-luminescent planetkton that glows in the darkness. Only a small rock pit leads to one of the coldest bathing spots in the Philippines. After a strenuous dives and exploration of the magnificent Coron Island, unwind at Maquinit Springs.

Outside the city you can either organize a guidebook or rent a chauffeur to take you there. When you are looking for an adventurous trip without a skipper, make the ascent to the top of Mount Tapya.

You will be awarded with a view of Coron City and Coron Island in the faraway. Taste the sauce - If you like the sauce, try it in the Lolo Nonoy kitchen, one of the best in the Philippines, the best is also good with a 40P ale.

Saas-Burgundy - Good thin crusted pizzas and some of the city' s lowest price beers at 35 h from 5pm to 8pm. Enjoy some of the best beers. Chocolate Coron travel tips: Scuba with Corto Divers - Your boat is beautifully equipped for scuba divers, the personnel is competent and they really take good charge of your scuba-skills.

The lunch is part of the dive and the meal is one of the better dishes I have eaten in the Philippines. Of all the other stores I've been to, I'm sure I made the right decision here, you won't be dissapointed. Ensure that the vaccination against rabies is up to date when diving:

We' saw a lot of folks running around the city looking like they had a collision with a hot chunk of shipping material, so if you go down, shoot. Do not fly to Coron Palawan International Aerodrome later: If you take the last plane to Busuanga, you run the danger that it will be cancelled because the airfield ceases operations at twilight, because it has no taxiway beacon.

FAQs from Coron Palawan: Do you have an ATM on Coron? It seems to appear between Coron and El Nido, the easy response is they should be called! Don't jump over EL Nido and on no account Coron Palawan. More information about the Philippines can be found in our other articles:

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