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Charge your iPhone 6 in the Cook Islands

If you are planning a holiday, it is useful to know if you will be able to operate your electronic when you are there. If you don't know which AC adapter is used, you probably carry the incorrect battery pack with you, so you will need to buy a proper battery pack when you are there. If you' re in the Cook Islands, the following directions show you how to charge your iPhone 6 using the default 240V 50Hz I socket.

When you visit the Cook Islands from another location, make sure your iPhone 6 accepts a 240 VAC. When iPhone 6 comes from a lower powered source (e.g. 110 volts), make sure that your iPhone has a double current (marked 100-240 volts), otherwise you may need to use an extra drive to avoid damaging the unit when you turn it on.

This guide assumes that you are using Apple iOS 7 or higher on iPhone 6. Will you be able to use iPhone 6 on the Cook Islands? Yes, you can use iPhone 6 on the Cook Islands with the right AC adapters. Which is the best iPhone 6 charging charger in the Cook Islands?

When traveling to several destinations, the best Cook Islands trip adaptor is a multi-USA connection adaptor that contains compliant connectors such as a 4-port USA battery charger[6]. When your iPhone 6 is Fast Charge compliant (note that not all Hi-Speed drives do), you will enjoy much quicker charge time with one of these AC adaptors and added connectivity with certain power-intensive drives.

You can recharge more than one unit at a while with a 4-port battery pack without having to take separate battery packs for your Cook Islands voyage or use other sockets. Just one light and compact portable battery recharger keeps the overall height and lightness low, making it perfect for carrying in your carry-on luggage.

Because of their flexibility, these battery packs can also be used at home, so they can charge several trays, smart phones and e-readers over night without the need for an extra wall socket. It is recommended to purchase such a multi-purpose travelling adaptor from an electrical-dealer.

This multi-purpose trip adaptor is the 4-port Universal Serial Bus Wall Charger[6], which has been successfully piloted every day with a number of Universal Serial Bus units in many different nationalities. For travelers from all over the world who want to charge appliances via standard or home chargers, the 4-port USB trip charger[6] is the most convenient solution. The following AC adaptors offer bigger but more flexible options for those who want to use their household sockets.

Each of the 3 AC adapter provides an overvoltage protector that can be useful for travelers in areas with instable electrical networks to avoid damages to devices due to overvoltages. They are supplied with exchangeable connectors of types I, D and D that cover Europe, America, Australia, UK, Japan, China and over 150 countries:

BESTTEK Mobile Traveller Voltage Volter - The BESTTEK Traveller has 4 3 AC outlet chargers and is the most common handheld inverter for travelers from America to the Cook Islands with 3 US outlet types. The ORICO Outlet Surge Protector Strip - Also with 4 x 4 port but only 2 AC jacks, the Orico Outlet Surge Protector is also suitable for travelers from the USA who use the B-pin.

It is a much cheaper option to the BESTK with one socket less for almost half the normal retail prices. BESTTEK Int'l Travel Energy Travel strips - This multi-socket has 2 sockets, but has more than 5 large charge sockets. Designed to work with both US and A, German, E/F, G, Hi, I, LPT and N connectors, this multi-purpose AC adapter is perfect for most travelers from around the Cook Islands.

A 3-pin I type battery pack lets you plug your iPhone 6 into a wall socket on the Cook Islands using the 3-pin Apple port. To recharge iPhone 6 from an electrical socket on the Cook Islands, you will need a Typ I[4] battery pack and a flash USB-to-apple cable[5] - this is usually provided by Apple when you first buy your iPhone 6.

Plug the Typ I Universal Serial Bus PSU into the AC adaptor socket. They recognize the current source by 3 thin slits which form a triangle form with the upper two slits for the current-carrying, inert and grounding fins inclined upwards. Then, plug the end of the Apple Lightsning charger cable into the AC adaptor and the other end into the Lightsning port on the iPhone 6.

You' ll find the lighting port on iPhone 6 on the bottom of iPhone 6. Turn on the Cook Islands sockets. How can I plug into an electrical socket on the Cook Islands? How do I get connected to iPhone 6?

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