Cook Islands Travel Advisory

Cook Islands travel advice

Will I need Cook Islands vaccines? Will I need a visa to travel to the Cook Islands? How is the climate in the Cook Islands? With TOWER travel insurance, you can enjoy your holiday overseas. Isles - Religious Advisory Board, House of Ariki and the Cook Islands.

Cooking Islands travel information - healthcare, security, passport und visas, free of duties, tips, on the spot

The Maori Cook Island is often referred to by local people, but English is widely used. The Cook Islands have a low incidence of illness, but it is important that the visitor is protected from insects stings and sunburns. Excerpts of Dengue fevers can appear, so a good range of insecticides and protection is recommended.

Local people consider mains running waters unsafe, but boiling or bottling is recommended for tourists, especially in the countryside. Rarotonga offers a variety of health and dentistry related activities, such as a clinic and various chemist's shops, but the general health care in the Cook Islands is restricted and it is recommended to take out full emergency health insure.

It is best if you take medicines with you during your visit to the Cook Islands. Tips are not anticipated and are in conflict with the Cook Islands' customs. As a rule, the Cook Islands are easy to visit. There' s relatively little criminality, but it is always wise to keep your belongings safe.

The people of the Cook Islands are very devout and disapprove of inadequate clothing. Avarua on the island of Rarotonga is the principal commercial area. There is a fairly loose and laid-back commercial climate in the Cook Islands. The sessions are held in English when foreign nationals are present, although people from Maori islands can talk to each other to clear up their understand-ing.

For the Cook Islands, the countrycode is +682, and the source is 00 followed by the corresponding countrycode (e.g. 0044 for the United Kingdom). Avarua, the capital, has a telecom bureau, Telecom Cook Islands, which provides phone, facsimile, e-mail and web access and other facilities.

Passengers over 18 years of age can take the following goods to the Cook Islands: 2 liters of alcohol or 4. Five liters of ale and 200 smokes or 20 smokes or 250g of cigar.

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