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Cook Island Trust has established the offshore asset protection industry. Under the law, inheritance, security and tax planning is very flexible. Inaugurated Mike Pero in Raro The famous Cook Islander Mike Péro is in Rarotonga and founds his New Zealand business in Rarotonga. Well-known for its real estate development mortgaging and financing business, Mr. Péro has given its trade name to Rarotonga-based Cook Islands Real Estate (CIRE).

In essence, the business will remain as it has been doing, but with Mike Pero's global coverage.

Co-proprietor and operating company Carey Winterflood will meet with Pero in Rarotonga today to discuss the specifics of their deal. Rarotonga's Mike Pero Real Estate office is the first company outside New Zealand. Winterflood Carey and Peter Heays run an outstanding company. They' ve chosen to join us as Mike Pero Real Estate Cook Islands, says Pero.

About a year ago, Pero entered real estate, but his business now opens franchises at a monthly installment of about four. The initial emphasis was on Christchurch and Auckland, through a 50-50 JV between him and his former high calibre business Mike Pero Mortgages, whose directors he is still, although he is no longer a lobbyist.

Christian Pero founded says the real estate companies have been selling firm so far. I would suggest our avarage number per seller would be greater than any other real estate firm in New Zealand, Pero has explained New Zealand Public Relations. Says his choice to open a subsidiary in Rarotonga had a big impact.

Peros will give Kiwis the opportunity to acquire real estate in the Cook Islands on a long-term lease out. Selling in the Cook Islands may require a lengthy trial, which can take up to three month and requires the consent of the District Court. Pero, as a landlord, says he could have more credence with the Cook Islanders.

Rarotonga has been going there since 1972 and can say its my favorite vacation destination frankly.

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