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As a result, there are serious problems with the depopulation of the Cook Islands. When you want to buy a car in affordable price that is comfortable and stylish, go for Mazda Premacy. The Cook Islands' inflation rate (consumer prices) facts and statistics. How much does it cost to travel in the Cook Islands? - There are considerable differences in the cost of your holiday in the Cook Islands.

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In the meantime you can buy more groceries and liquor here on Rarotonga, although the prices for your local beers are lower than in Auckland! Those are prices for supermarkets from one of the CITCs and foodlands. Australia's wine is also available at The Bond and internationally renowned wine retailers such as The Bond and IITC.

However, the duty-free prices at Rarotonga are much lower than the purchase of duty-free at Auckland University. You only have to take your chance if Rarotonga has only 2 duty-free shops. Hula Bar and Fishing Club are among the best value for a drink, while the resort generally charges more.

We averaged $20 a barrel for the year. To do so, you can use your own alcohol. $10 is the avarage cost for a pint or a cup of toast. Amazing notion to take as much as possible, think my pocket will now be at the limits, 5kg of clothes and the remainder with drink Essen.

Subsidy per capita is 2 liters of spirit OR 2 liters of wines OR 4.5 liters of beers. There is a focus on "duty-free". In Rarotonga Airport's duty-free stores, liquor is generally considered inexpensive, but it' not really less expensive. When you intend to take groceries, please note that you are not permitted to take groceries.

It is a very good plan to provide a detailled listing of the objects you carry, as this will accelerate things for both you and the customs-agent. Does anyone know if you can buy Speight's tins in Rarotonga? Speight in the Bond Liquor Store opposite the Avarua store.

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Sean, I didn't mean Cook's camp.... which is good, if not marvelous. So we purchased this small brewery locally, pricey and not Cook's, and it was just a foo. We are only very particular about beers, paradise is not enough to make us believe that Budweisers, colours etc. are tasty. I' d rather be drinking a glass of vine or how about rhum - at least with it.

By the way, I purchased a 20 NZ bottle of Foodland Chiardonnay that was unique and seemed like a good bottle of good grape.... Be careful, "unique" apparently means that it had been mistreated and turned into wine over the years.

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