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Make sure you book your domestic flights between the islands well in advance. Cheap flights to Rarotonga (RAR) In order to find and reserve Rarotonga 2018 and 2019 travel, please fill in your requests and click on the Find pushbutton above. Culture festival inspires the visitor in Rarotonga. One of the biggest and most important of these is the Te Maeva Nui Festival. The new name, Te Maeva Nui, means "the greatest or most important festival".

An Avarua march is the center of the first celebration of the first half of the year and the National Auditorium in Rarotonga is the center for activity during the year. During the course of the event, local people and tourists are overwhelmed by the pleasure and thrill of the celebration.

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Halt in the Cook Islands

12 hrs on a plane from the US to New Zealand can be daunting. Sailing to the quaint Cook Islands is the ideal way to enjoy a long trip and a great way to recover from jettison. Travellers can travel directly to Rarotonga before flying on to Auckland for no extra cost with Air New Zealand.

Arrival at the Laguna, so that the passengers can get out and start their holiday immediately. With its luxurious accommodation, inspiring food, shops and one of the most stunning South Pacific shores, Rarotonga is the perfect place to stay. Getting to stop here is child's play in every respect - not only is it simple to get in and out, but it is also easier to sail around the islands, which allows for the most relaxing times on the shore.

The onward journey from Rarotonga to Aitutaki is child's play. Only 45 mins away, Aitutaki has always been celebrated as the most beatiful of islands in the whole wide globe and is a popular target of the city. Kilometres of unspoiled beach, with a relaxed ambience, cool beverages and clear waters, extend to the far horizons.

Aitutaki is the ideal place to begin your holiday with a companion, your loved ones or a group of people. Don't be worried about survival on a long-haul trip - make a stop in the Cook Islands and see everything the South Pacific has to offer! It' s a great way to get around!

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