Cook Islands Packages

Cookies Islands Packages

Complimentary Air Inclusive Inter-Iceland packages. Have a look at the fishing packages of Aitutaki Sports & Fly Fishing Lodge in Aitutaki, Cook Islands! Cook Islands Sitemap Cook Islands is a South Pacific country with policy ties to New Zealand. The 15 islands are spread over a huge area. Rarotonga, the biggest of the islands, is home to steep hills and Avarua, the country's capitol.

On the northern side, Aitutaki Iceland has a huge Laguna surrounded by small sand islands and small coves.

You will be conquered by the pounding hearts of this little paradise. Rarotonga, the centre of the Cook Islands, has so much to see and do, but it' s untouched. There is something for everyone, from the light harbour city of Avarua to the charm of the Muri Bay and beyond. Only 32 km away, you' ll discover an isle where you can find treasures on every nook and cranny.

The Aitutaki is a small piece of heaven, home to about 1800 inhabitants and the most attractive lake in the canyon. It is only 220 km or 45 minutes by plane from Rarotonga. Isolated and romantically, 15 moto ( "islets") are scattered across this gigantic blue, sunny area.

Angling Packages - Aitutaki Sports & Fishing Lodge

A major frustration with a fisheries parcel is the inflexibility of some surgeries. Aitutaki Sports & Fly is committed to offering this level of agility and giving the client what he expects from a journey to an exciting angling spot. Twenty-four foot fishermen and one of the most skilled skipper in the area are used to attack Yellowfin Tuna (up to 50 KGS), Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Dog Tooth Tuna and a range of other fish that can be catcher.

Because of the very shallow waters that lie so near the island, most of them can be undertaken in the immediate vicinity and only a brief boating trip to the fertile fisheries. You can also use Bill can be used for specific Chartas and packages can be made on demand. Each fisherman also receives a choice of seafood that is fished during the days and is prepared by the cooks in the lodge restaurants as part of the angling packages.

At the Aitutaki Laguna is home to some of the largest bonefish in the planet with trophies catching a steady stream for visit insect fishermen (the mean weight of these is about 7 to 8 pounds). You can enjoy your angling either by paddling the crystalline flat sandy areas and viewing the large crossing fishs or from a vessel that is bollarded in slightly lower wad.

It also has a populace of large GT's that are on their tail for those who like their fishery to hold off lethal legions and will be powerless. The use of plastic in and around the shallow-water reefs within the Laguna is a very prolific fishingmat.

Multiple types of migrating and cod and members of the native snappers ( "lutjanus") are frequent catches and on mild to moderate tackles they offer thrilling angling opportunities for the easyackle-fans. The use of popers on spinning machines is also a very prolific way of catching fish in the Laguna, with treasury being the primary game.

It is a great place for families and some of the best opportunities for families and children. The use of plastic and bait allows a large number of different fish to be used and the children can continue to fish and enjoy the area.

Most of the areas are surrounded by corals, so it is common to see tortoises, eagles, large fish and other marine live. In addition, there are some of the most attractive islands in the immediate vicinity and it is possible to get off the ship and extend your feet on foot - a marvellous adventure for the family.

It is also working on the completion of a mothership that will be used for extensive voyages to several Cooks. They will be on board for 3 to 4 days to some of the most secluded spots on the world and will undoubtedly offer a life-long memory of a fishery.

Aitutaki can be scheduled either as part of a longer journey to Aitutaki or as a stand-alone pack. Here, too, the fishing possibilities are offered so that the angler can design a kit they want.

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