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Situated in the centre of the Polynesian Triangle of the South Pacific, flanked to the west by the Kingdom of Tonga and the Samoas, to the east by Tahiti and the island of French Polynesia. Statutes of the Cook Islands " Football Association of the Cook Islands. More Info - Perfumes by Rarotonga Avarua Avarua. For more information - Te Ara- Cook Islands Museum of the cultural company Rarotonga. The journalists of the islands have conducted an interview.

Iitutaki Lagoon Cook Islands

I would think that before I would go to bed, I would be blown into an insular heaven where palms staggered in sugar-white sands. Aitutaki, one of the fifteen islands between Tahiti and Fiji. It' evident we're on the isle.

"Everyone to paradise, dear sirs," comes an order confirming my suspicions. Gilligan's Iceland's modern twist comes to life after landing on Akitua and home to the Aitutaki Lagoon Estate and Spa as a stand-alone facility on the Isle. Though it occupies only a small part of the twenty-seven hectares of the luxuriant Isle, its award-winning site gives us the best view of the Cook's biggest lake.

In the next few get-togethers, after we arrived with the SPF 50, we spray into the beautiful Pacific Ocean, go by canoe to the neighbouring islands and go on a snorkeling trip to search for treasure. Climb coconuts to the islands nights when the trendy choreographers keep the arts going. During a round trip around the islands we also explore some traditional traditions and find even more beautiful things behind the scenery.

Other gravestones are located next to the oldest insular cathedral, which was erected by a missionary in 1823. "We' ve got more worships than people," jokes Rey as we cross the nine islands. "It' s evident that Cook Islanders are marching at another drummer' s pace. Our trip culminates in the peak of an islet.

Cuddled to the end is our home, our fabulous Akitua, where we will just be relaxing and retreating in the next few nights!

Sailor Information

ClearanceThe master must present the passport, the check-in from the last harbour, the crews and a general explanation and information about the boat. On all these islands, the master should report to Customs and the Resident Administrator. ImmigrationWhen you enter Rarotonga, you will receive a visa for up to 31 nights upon your return.

A fortnight before the expiry of the authorisation, an application for an additional period should be submitted. At Aitutaki and other port of entrance, a 31-day permission is issued on your check-in. Expansions must be purchased in Rarotonga. HeathYachts must exit the "Q" banner until approved by Port Health, who visits the boat and takes care of the practice.

Multihull yachts NZD 3. 20 per meter and per die. Power yachts/super yachts NZD 2. 60 per meter per hour / NZD 0. 70 per GRT per night / NZD 0. 20 per GRT per trip (whichever is greater). Each anchorage is weather-dependent, as are the ports, and ships may be obliged to vacate the ports for their own safety, according to prevailing forecasts.

In order to see the Suwarrow Atoll National Park, you have to get the park administrator's permit. Approximately 150 boats dock in Rarotonga every year. Sailors should raise their silica flags until approved by Ports Health. - Check in from the last harbour, - Passes for all on the boat. All guns must be registered and stored with the local authorities for the period of their sojourn.

An authorization for 31 nights will be issued on your check-in. We have no slipping system, but we can lift up to 15 tonnes of yacht by means of a lift, but there are no weighing facilities. Chandlerery deliveries are very restricted, but can be obtained from abroad within a fortnight. - Air Rarotonga serves most of the outlying islands on a daily schedule.

Ships up to six ft long can pass the long arcade into the small marina in the Laguna of Aitutaki. Te Tautua on the east side of the lake is a protected mooring in easters. As a solitary mob, Penrhyn's reserves and amenities are very scarce.

Rarotonga Air arrives once a month. The pearl culture is the principal industrial activity of the isle. SUWARROW: CHART NZ 945This Åtoll is a protected area and is, except for a ranger/administrator on Chorage Isand. We are located inside the Laguna on the west side of Chorage Isle.

Boats that call at Suwarrow without prior departure from Rarotonga, Aitutaki or Penrhyn will be billed at a charge of $50. Twenty-five for a call. None of these islands have ports and all ships have to dock. Most islands have a good stop, but the moorings are very weather-dependent and you should be cautious.

When you leave Rarotonga, you will be asked to transport provisions to some of the islands.

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