Cook Islands in December

The Cook Islands in December

Treat yourself this December to an exclusive offer only for Canadians hoping to spend Christmas and New Year in the glorious Cook Islands. Masters - United Kingdom of London, United Kingdom. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of New Zealand | Manat? Aorere. We' re going to the Cook Islands for our two birthdays and our anniversary.

When you don't speak Maori, the official language of the Cook Islands, it means "hello".


Middle of December -ather? Hello, We are planing a journey to Rarotonga and Aitutaki in the middle of December..... can someone tell me what to look forward to from the weathers? Is it the wet period, so we talk all over a whole fortnight or is it really warm during the whole working hours with only one rainstorm in the afternoons?

Middle of December -ather? It' definitely the rainy month in Rarotonga in December. There' s a website that gives historic wheather....... Aitutaki is a place where most folks wish they'd been in Aitutaki for example! There in April and spent a whole fortnight in Raro and eleven nights in Aitutaki! I' ve been there a lot and I' m always there, so I' m going to stay longer,

Reduced heat and humidity - December or March? - Bohemian Islands Forum

Reduced heat and humidity - December or March? Based on many years of experiences I find the December season more favorable than March. As we get into the late part of the year, our wheather gets wetter and more unpleasant until about the middle of April (autumn). In addition, there seems to be more mosses in February and March.

In New Zealand, however, the seasons of February and March are great and the summers are calmer. Cook Islands have a completely different perspective and position in the Pacific than Fiji. Low temperatures all year round, although Aitutaki is slightly warm than Rarotonga, as it is situated just northern of the larger mainland.

When you are not sure if you want to make a quick stop on Rarotonga from December to March, you should stay in New Zealand for the whole year! It' s amazing how much extra free space a well-planned NZ route leaves you to see all the places you want to see in peace. A 2 month trip is a great way to discover the South Island and some of the most important places on the North Island.

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