Cook Islands Holidays from new Zealand

Holiday in Cook Islands from New Zealand

It' David Lange's Cook Island holiday destination. New Zealand Air Question Hello, I have seen on the Air New Zealand site that allegedly all their long-haul jet now have custom films and film projection on the back of the seat in front of you. We fly LAS to RARO in Oct. Everyone flew this journey recently know if that is exactly? I' ve never been on a plane this long and I have a tendency to go mad.

Hello, I know the 747's have been converted from LA to Auckland, but haven't seen any of the 767's heading to Rarotonga. Visit the AirNZ website under "on the plane" and learn more about the converted aircraft. In the first weeks of April we take a trip from LAX to Rarotonga (same as LordBalfor ) and are on the 767, which is not up-graded.

Although (or because) the aircraft was a little older, it seemed to have a little more legroom than the usual US-airline. It was rather surly (at least with me), but even she admits that she was enjoying the ride. I must confess, I'm actually looking forward to stopping at Papeete.

We arrived there in March 2000 when we made our first journey to the South Pacific (for a visit to Tahiti and Bora Bora). I have to take some tablets then b/c I can't ever be asleep on flights, I' m too nervous and feeling hyper all the while, even without any caffeine! no single TV on those NZ flights to Raro.

Upgraded 747 is very beautiful, we recently brought it from Auckland to LAX. Unfortunately, the LAX airplane through Tahiti is an older airplane with drop-down displays. This is the first of March we made this trip. In Tahiti the brief stop was very early in the mornings, so that one could see the isle ( "from the airport") in the early sunrise for about 60-90 mins.

We' ve just got back, and there were no mini-televisions on the plane to LA-Tahiti or Tahiti-Raro for anyone but the top people.

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