Cook Islands Holiday Packages 2017

Holiday packages Cook Islands 2017

An extensive collection of travel guides to Aitutaki and Rarotonga in the Cook Islands, including maps, sample programs, top 10 lists, insider tips & more! Christmas family outing 2017 Rarotonga has more things to see and do, but if your teens are enjoying the waters and discovering the beaches, you will also be enjoying Aituaki for Christmas. In Rarotonga you might want to remain where there is better protection from heavy eastern and south-eastern winds in it.

It would be fun to take part in a spa treatment during which local recreational and leisure facilities are organised. When you take the Sydney one-way ticket on a Thursday evening, you simply return from Aitutaki in the mornings. It seems from what you say that this is the guy you are looking for on Raro, but a place on Aitutaki.

Have a look at this holiday home page. Rarotonga is where I am living all year round, and while the cold winters here are comfortable in even weathers, the summers can be tropic and erratic. It will be very airy in this climate and will make a less comfortable one.

There is also a beachside building across from the mall. I have slept in several places on the islands, among them Arorangi and Aroa. As I said before, Vaimaanga is also a very good place to spend the night. Titicaveka and Vaimaanga are ideal for bathing, snorkeling, kayaking and hiking on the beaches.

At Titikaveka you can sometimes have the shore to yourself and it is only a brief stroll to the protected area of Tikioki. Did you have a look at the page of the holiday houses? Still no rains, but there were more downpours over Titicaveka and the part of the isle that is already common at this season.

In Titikaveka, one of these places is in the interior of Charlies Cafe. In order to discover the rest of the isle.

Travelogue - Aug/Sep 2017 Rarotonga and Aitutaki - Southern Cook Islands Forum

At the end of August / beginning of September 2017 my man and I travelled to Rarotonga and Aitutaki for an yearly jubilee-journey. A year earlier, some of our Santa Fe based buddies had been telling us about their journey to the Cook Islands that they had made a reservation through Costco Trave. Though we never thought of using Costco Travels, our close acquaintances talked so much about their journey that we chose to keep an eye on Costco Travels and the Cook Islands for more.

While the Cook Islands are a favourite holiday spot for New Zealand and, to a smaller degree, Australia, few Americans know where the Cook Islands are and even less so. We are former scuba diver and now enthusiastic snorkellers, and when we heard about the Cook Islands Reef we were interested in observing it.

At the beginning of 2017 I got an e-mail notification about the Air New Zealand Air New Zealand Business Line sales. Call Costco Travel and book a 12-day Rarotonga/Aitutaki flight from LAX, which includes Air New Zealand Airfare. Prior to making the reservation, I went through the Cook Island boards, reviewed the hotels and determined that the Crown Beach Reaort in Rarotonga and the Pacific Resort in Aitutaki would best meet our needs.

Most importantly, I've found out that Costco can accommodate almost any island resort, and they can also arrange Air New Zealand Air New Zealand Business Grade (vs. Economy) seating. The Costco agency was thorough, competent and supportive. I have relatively few US accounts on Cook Island, so I add more travel-related detail than I would normally do.

Maybe prospective travellers from the USA will find this travelogue useful when they plan their own itineraries.

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