Columbia's Radamel Falcao says the US referee is guilty of pro-English bias. A Canadian-based gold and silver exploration, development and production company with a focus on Colombia. Columbia occupies the northwestern corner of South America. The Colombian left had its most impressive involvement in history. The Colombian Embassy informs about the advantages of the US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement and the new Colombia.

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On the way home with Messi and Ronaldo (and their teammates), BBC Sport looks at what has been happening so far and what we can look forward to from the last 16 of the World Cup. How much do you know about the 32 qualifying Russian 2018 sides?

The BBC Sports soccer specialist Mark Lawrenson is making his forecasts for the quarter-finals of the World Cup. All you need to know on the 23rd of the 2014 Fifa World Cup. The BBC Sports soccer specialist Mark Lawrenson is forecasting the first round of the World Cup knock-out games. All you need on the 17th of the 2014 Fifa World Cup.

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The Ivan Duque was chosen in June 2018 after working for a new edition of the FARC rebellion. Alvaro Uribe, he led a militant defense ministry and a militia action against the Farc, but changed course after his 2010 elections and initiated two years after he took up his post, he initiated peaceful negotiations with the Farc.

Alvaro Uribe is chosen to the presidency because he pledges to take tough action against insurgent groups. A few short days later, however, the electorate rejected the treaty in a nationwide referenda, and a new treaty must be drafted.

Colombia's terrible'action' against England reminds me of Carlos Valderrama, says Lothar Matthaus, the legendary Germany writer.

Lothar Matthaus was among the many who were not impressed by Colombia's escapades against England in the World Cup fight on Tuesday. Legendary Germany, who played at five World Lions Championships, was present when the three lions were in a bad-tempered last 16th minute.

The 57-year-old was remembered of a former Columbian adversary when he saw the team. "When you talk about 1990 and a scuba diving or acting, I think of Carlos Valderrama and he sat next to me (at the Moscow Olympics on Tuesday). I remembered it again when I saw Colombia behaving and provoking.

"But in 1990 Colombia had only one Valderrama, now they have five or six. German World Cup skipper Matthaus also accused US umpire Mark Geiger of having lost the game between Colombia and England. Just like last night, he has forgotten to carve out Colombia's own personal music.

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