Coconut Scraper

Kokosnut scraper

This is a manual rotary scraper / shredder with head. Locate the best manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, distributors & resellers in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Coconut scraper from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The scraper has a rubber foot that can create a vacuum and remain fixed in one place. However, it will wear out if the scraper is not used frequently or for a longer period of time.

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So what is COD? Payment on Deliveries (POD) include both COD and debit cards / credit cards / net bank payment on site. You can also deliver FBA products more quickly (Same-Day, One-Day and Two-Day). The coconut is used in most curry and chutney products because of its powerful, full-bodied taste and textur.

Cockroaching coconut, however, is awkward and takes a lot of time. Wonderchef offers you the latest and most effective way to grate your coconut with minimum force to conserve your energies. Wonderchef's Coconut Scraper is supplied with a set of blades that easily scrape through the coconut and produce thin chips to obtain the right textur.

It is made of high-quality stainl. st. that is permanently abrasion-proof. It transforms the rotation of the hands into the extraction of coconut meat from the skin. The Wonderchef coconut scraper offers a secure way to grind coconuts.

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It is a must in the houses of southern India, where the kitchen contains a great deal of newly ground coconuts in almost every cook. At the heart of this simple instrument is a semi-circular sheet of structural or ferrous material with sharply shaped, narrow bevel gears around its entire periphery.

The hand scraper has a metallic grip attached to a square log. It is mounted at an approx. 45 degree angel on a large square wood plinth, which allows the scraper to be placed on any level ground such as the bottom or top of a counter.

Humans usually crouch with one foot bent over the ground to hold it in place to avoid lateral movements during mowing. Wipers are also available with this panel attached to a wood frame or encased in a synthetic one. It is only useful for shaving small amounts of the core at once.

Scratching method: The coconut is cracked in half. Half is placed so that the mezzotint panel is trapped with the cogs in the coconut semi-sphere and the shorter incisive cogs are in touch with the delicate blank core of the coconut. Hold the coconut semisphere tightly with both arms and press it in sideways direction to make it easier to scratch out the core.

If the coconut semi-sphere is frequently checked and moved over the scraper blade, the whole core can be scrapped into small pieces in just a few mins.

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