Clipperton Island

Klipperton Island

The Clipperton Island (Isla de la Pasión) is an atoll of the southeastern Pacific, which belongs to France and administratively to French Polynesia. Quote this page. unspecified, "Clipperton Island", in: The Clipperton Island map, Clipperton Island topography, Clipperton Island elevation, Clipperton Island relief, natural feature.

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Also known as Île de la Passion[1], Clipperton Island is a small annular tunnel 1,120 km south-west of Mexico in the Pacific Ocean. The island was called after John Clipperton, a pirates from Britain. In 1855 it was captured by France and confiscated by Mexico in 1897. In 1935, the island was finally conferred by arbitrations to France.

His former name, Passion Island, was formally awarded by a group of explorers in 1711 and is still sometimes used. The island has been deserted since the Second World War. Clipperton was also known by at least two other names: - the first first first name of the tunnel was Médano (i.e. a slice of sand) by Álvaro de Saavedra, in 1527, when he looked for the way to the Far West by order of Hernán Cortés.

Clipper-ton Island is under the immediate jurisdiction of the Government of France and is part of the European Union. It is, however, excluded from the Schengen area and therefore foreign nationals need a visa to enter Clipperton Island. However, unless arench naval patrols from France are visiting the island, there are obviously no officers on the island to do so.

There' s no runway on Clipperton Island. Clipperton Island is not a traditional destination, you will have to go on your own boating trip or participate in an outing. The only way is to moor off the coast (the southwest side has been named as the best location) and board a smaller one.

It is even more challenging to leave the island - it requires an experienced bosun to pass the reef at the right point in the right times, between the crunching waters. Freshwater lake in the centre is closed and not accessible by canoe. There' s no other means of transport on Clipperton Island than your own legs, and it' s quite hard to walk on the island.

The one is smooth sandy that breaks down under your foot because the many shrimps on the island have been digging caves. Be careful where you put your legs so you don't tread on the fake part and get an ankle upset. When you think this information is a real challange, you should try to beat the fastest walking around the island.

It takes 1 hours and 17 min, from a ham who visited the island in 2000. The first thing you see as you approach the southeast Clipperton Rock is that it's the first atlas. It' a 29 meter high volcano eruption and the only really high place on the island.

There are the remains of an old light house built by Mexico in 1906. When the other men on the island passed away in 1917, he found himself alone with 15 wives and wards. The island has several species of coco palms. There are old machines and ammunition from this period around the island.

Out of Clipperton Island angling draws far more visitors than the island itself. Among other things, the water is a home for the very few Clipperton Angelfish. Observing wild animals will be part of your daily life, whether you like it or not, despite the fact that there are not many birdlife on the island.

Some few types are compensated by their number, namely the brilliant yellow crayfish, which can be count in thousand, and some types of avian. There are 13 different types of fowl on the island, without migrants. Clipperton Island's only remaining animals are mammalians, which have been taken to the island by destroyed warships.

Snorkelling and scuba dipping in the water can be a worthwhile adventure, as there are plenty of them. Getting on Clipperton Skirt is very thrilling! When you get close to it, the view changes, and you see that it is not a firm cliff, but has passageways and warehouses into which you enter them. Though 115 types of fishery have been recorded in the Clipperton Island area, the only commercial fishery is this.

However, there is talk that the island could be used as a rendezvous point for traffickers. The researcher Lance Milbrand, who spent 41 nights on the island in 1994, reported that children's playthings and a lot of other plastics waste appeared on the island's shores, probably after being taken across the oceans by other overcrowded sands.

Clipperton Island has no accommodation, you have to pitch your own campsite. Herds of shrimps are a genuine annoyance, so keep your storage area properly fenced to keep them away. They will be interested, so get your garbage away from your campsite and keep your tents up.

when you' re on a desert island. Note also that the island is exposed to extreme strong rains and violent tropic winds. The French postal code for Clipperton Island is 98799. Amateur radios have already made an expedition to the island.

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