Christmas Island in Kiribati

Kiribati Christmas Island

With the exception of the isolated Banaba (Ocean Island), all the main islands are divided into three groups: the Gilbert Islands, the Line Islands (including Christmas Island) and the Phoenix Islands. (Kiritimati Christmas Island)>(Kiritimati Christmas Island) The Kiribati is home to one of the biggest sea reservations in the South Pacific. There are over 500 types of sea birds and almost 20 different types of sea birds. Christmas Island received its name after its discoveries by Captain James Cook on Christmas Eve 1777. Kiritimati (pronounced about "kee-rees-mass") in the Gilbert dialect.

Located just westwards of the International Date Line, Kiritimati is the first populated archipelago to begin every new year and every new passing year, and has drawn a little millennium touristism to commemorate it. The Kiribati is an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. There are 32 atoles and an elevated Koralleninsel, which extends over the equivalent.

With the exception of the island of Banaba (Ocean Island), all the major islets are divided into three groups: the Gilbert Isles, the Line Islets ( Christmas Island included) and the Phoenix Islets. Kiribati's recent settlement and war record had little influence on the outside archipelago, where humans have lived for hundreds of years on the coconut, bread fruit and seafood of the world.

Most of the local people even on Tarawa, the capital city of the country, are living in traditionally elevated straw shelters. The majority of atoles are surrounded by cyan coloured lakes and hardly protrude beyond the oceans, so it is rarely the case that you are out of view and out of the noise of the oceans. Lately Kiribati has been worth reporting as the country is flooded by increasing water-level.

The whole country is supposed to move as soon as the island disappears into the ocean. It is also home to one of the biggest maritime reservations in the South Pacific. Phoenix Island Protected Area comprises almost 158,000 sq. m. of predominantly open Pacific water.

There are over 500 types of sea birds and almost 20 different types of sea birds. There are colourful and rich sea creatures on the island, as well as some remains of the intense battles that took place on Tarawa and the neighbouring island during the Second World War.

Kiribati dive site is a great way for divers to get to know tropical sea creatures and their varied habitats. Due to the profusion of shoal water around the atoles, most of the dives in Kiribati are from bank or boom boats. More than 200 corals and 500 types of fishing, as well as at least 18 sea creatures, are present in the area.

Kiritimati (Christmas Island) and Tarawa are the most important dive sites in Kiribati. It is not surprising that these are the two isles directly served by domestic air services to the Republika. The Tarawa was the setting for a great fight during the Second World war. Immersing in the land areas and the associated submerged vessels and landings will take hour off dive for relics of the wars of submarine warriors.

Following the end of the Napoleonic Wars, the remains were buried in wonderful sea creatures and wonderful sea shells. The Christmas Island - the biggest Korallenatoll of the earth and was described as "the last unaffected Riff of the world". The visibility is between 30 and 45 metres (100 and 150 feet) and the magnitude and number of people living the island will delight even the most experienced divers.

Anticipate different sea creatures like dragon moray eels, flame angelfish, manta rays and eagle rays, spinner dolphins, tortoises and beautifully coloured coral. The Christmas Island is encircled by a small tropic cliff that dives into a groundless chasm. That makes it the ideal place for dive travel! It is lined with many untouched coral and many kinds of sea creatures.

Especially on the north shore there are some of the most untouched coral in the globe like acropora and flat coral, which is a multitude of small tropic types like surgeonfish, wrasses, butterflyfish, blue bottom goby, anemone, eel and many others, which will inspire the photographer.

Encountering one of these soft reefs, often visited between November and April, is an unforgettable dive adventure! Lineage islands Manta Ray project: Situated in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, the line islands are a series of eleven atoles stretching over almost 2,400 kilometres.

There are three isles, areas of the United States, while the other eight are owned by the neighbouring state of Kiribati. Aboriginal Kiribati inhabitants on the lineage islets live on only three of their eight islets and have a total of less than 9,000 inhabitants, about half of whom live on Christmas Island.

The mixture of low anthropogenic occupation and remoteness is due to relatively anonymous and prosperous Marine ecosystems. Scuba dipping is nice throughout Kiribati, but still so informally and unexplored that most divesites have not been called. Below are some description and commentaries on some of these areas on Kiritimati (Christmas Island).

WEATHER: Warm and moist sea air, presented by Passat-wind. Marina Life: Fanciful Spurge Eagles are a favourite locals for their kind interaction and scuba diving can also see moray eels, angels, mantas, eagles and tortoises. From December to April, several whale types can occur.

Rainfall differs greatly from island to island. Thus, for example, the mean for the year is 3,000 mm (120 in) in the northern part and 500 mm (20 in) in the southern part of the Gilbert Isle. The majority of these islets are located in the arid area of the Atlantic Ocean climate zones and suffer longer periods of drought. Kiribati dwellers are speaking an Ocean ic by the name of Gilbertese.

Though English is also an offical tongue, it is not used very often outside the city of Tarawa. Currencies & Loan Cards: Kiribati's local exchange rate is the Australia Dollars, although some Christmas Iceland operations are conducted in US Docks. Only the Otintaai Hotel, Toyota Car Hire and Tobaraoi Tourist Office on Tarawa accept payment by bank card; a charge will be made.

There are no acceptances of credits on Christmas Island and rates are slightly higher than elsewhere in Kiribati. Tips are not part of Kiribati's cultural heritage. Zero: Most Kiribati domestic phone calls must be handled by the carrier. In Kiribati there are currently no caf├ęs. Kiribati visitor must be in possesion of a current identity document, a transfer flight pass and adequate financial means to provide for themselves during their stay in the city.

When you fly through Honolulu, you can make sure you have one at the check-in desk on the mornings of your trip to Christmas Island. Tarawa and Christmas Island are the only destinations with regular departures. Kiribati is usually flown by Air Nauru, but things are in the river as the only aircraft has been taken back.

On the date of the letter, there was a returning flights from Nadi to Tarawa, but this can be modified. There is a round-trip flights between Nadi, Fiji and Honolulu over the Christmas Island. Kiribati Airlines fly to most of the outside Gilberts at least once a year. The aircraft of Kiribati Airlines are frequently grounded due to shortage of petrol or other problems, so it is advisable to plan a little more elapsed travel if you are going to plan a trip to one of the outside isles.

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