Christmas Island

Yuletide Island

How is it best to get to Christmas Island? Discover the holidays on Christmas Island and discover the best time and places to visit. The phosphate mine is located on Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean. Besides our phosphate mine, we have other diverse business interests on the island. Health and vaccination advice for Christmas Island.

Yuletide Island

Nowhere else in the world" is the Christmas Island's main attraction: the yearly walk of the crimson shrimp, during which 60 million crimson shrimps make their way from their caves in the woods to the coastline to hatch at the beginning of the rainy period, creating mile-long rugs of shrimp. It is also home to the world's biggest country crab: the predatory crayfish.

Predatory crustaceans can survive for up to 100 years up to one meter in width, from talon to cane. Find out all about them on an Indian Ocean Experiences Rot Çrab spawinging trip. Encircled by a reef, the island has more than 60 diving spots on its coast in some of the cleanest water in the time.

Wet'n'Dry Adventures or ExtraDivers Christmas Island you can snorkel over some of the most beautiful corals on the island from the beaches of Santa Island's central crossroad. Situated on the Java Rift (the lowest point of the Indian Ocean), the island has some of the longest cliffs in the entire Indian Ocean, up to 5000 meters in depth, and some of these are only 20 meters (66 feet) from the coast.

More than 575 types of tropic fishing live in the water, and between November and May there are often sightings of great white whales during dives. Nearly two third of the island - which is about 19 km long and 14 km broad at its longest and broadest points - is a Nationalpark, which is occupied by dense monsoon rain forest.

Rent a car through the Visitors Information Center or take a guide. A series of Indian Ocean Experiences tours are available around the island from AUD$90 for a half days outing. Thirty minutes walk to Dolly Island's longest and most beautiful sandstrand, Dolly Island, winding through tree-lined palms, Tahiti chestnuts, prickly pears, bankanus and panda.

It is bordered by palm trees. There' s a swell on wheels and the Dolly Beaches Spa, a better than any other whirlpool. They are both free to see, or you can see them on an island trip. There is nothing else you can do but become an avid bird watcher on Christmas Island.

Before you go, you' ll need to get the free Birds of Christmas Island application from the iTunes Store. It is littered with China carpentry and Buddhist and Taoist churches, and Frankincense smells the scent of the city. It is only 360 kilometers from Java, and the only thing not reminiscent of Southeast Asia is the pure, smog-free outdoors!

To get an original Asian flavour, you can dine in the Chinese Literary Association or in many other Asian cuisines.

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