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Packages in Fiji & advice from holiday specialists Fiji has so much to recommend for every kind of vacation, from the most adventurous to the quietest. Naturally, a great vacation isn't just about living in a bladder - rent a vehicle and take the opportunity for a refreshing water melon at a street stand and give back the pleasant "Bula" that every locals offers on the way.

Perfect for a relaxing getaway, a relaxing moment with the whole host of friends and families or a quick rest, you can unpack at your hotel and enjoy a drink within two to three hour of your arrival at the airfield. From horseback rides on the shore, a round of golf, angling tours, cava rituals, buying villages and markets, to one of the many island and the much-loved spas for those looking for something out-of-the-way.

Discover the area and attractions such as the Sigatoka sand dunes, the Kula Eco Park, the city of Sigatoka and the nearby market. Fiji has something for everyone, whether you are looking for an enjoyable and amusing vacation with the whole host families, an adventure with the typical Filipino lifestyle, a relaxing trip for two or a place for a marriott.

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You are a full-time or under 26 years old university or a schoolteacher? They can also take part in our black market flight offers. From Australia to Fiji, planes land at Nadi International Airport (NAN), 10 kilometers from the center of Nadi. Nonstop services from Australia to Fiji take off from most of Australia's capitals such as Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and arrive in Fiji in 3 to 5 hrs, according to airlines and stops.

Please read our online tour guides for more information on our special offers. Large carriers flying from Australia to Fiji: With Student Flights, our agents can put together the best add-ons with personalized packs and vacation offers. It is a geothermic hot spot with many possibilities; 332 hidden archipelagos with over 500 isles, hot water, dive spots, snorkel reserves and a strong awareness of ecotourism.

Checks. Hints, advices and hints.... Fiji has more to offer than just what's in your pockets. Take a look at our Fiji travel guide and let Student Flights inspire you to combine your dream with real life.

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