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Discount flights to Koror

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Discount flights to Koror, PW (ROR)

Subscribe to our free email newsletters and receive the latest information, findings and savings hints. Resort-Airai Aiport ( "ROR") 6.2 mi from Koror, PW. There' s 1 aiport in Koror. Koror's main airfield is Airai Airi ( "ROR"), with at least flights within Koror and weekly departures from its airstrips.

From today the airline operates from Airai Airport (ROR). The Airai Airport (ROR) is 6.2 mile from Koror and provides non-stop flights to the city.

Discount flights from Koror to Manila

Notice that there is a 1 hr increment. Koror is 1 hr later (+09:00) than Manila (+08:00). From Koror to Manila the quickest flying times for flights are 2h55. Flying times are 2 h rs 55 mins. on averages.

Early morning service starts at 8:45 p.m. Last one of the day's flights leaves at 8:45 p.m.

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